2001: A Space Odyssey Summary, Monolith and Characters

If you love science fiction movies, 2001 a space odyssey, is a must-watch. It is the production as well as the direction of Stanley Kubrick. The screenplay of a space odyssey was by Arthur C. Clarke as well as by Kubrick.

There are various special effects in this space odyssey movie and, this odyssey involves classic music. This music composition is by the four composers. The nomination for academy awards motivates people to watch it more than one time.

This 2001 space odyssey article is about the characters, as well as the book and much more information.

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2001: A Space Odyssey Explained-2001: A Space Odyssey Summary

The film begins with the creation of firth borns which they also call the Clarks. Clarks’ purpose in 2001: a space odyssey is to protect the universe. They do this helping the new species to grow as well as solve any immerging issues.

You will see black prisms in the movie, which was the creation of the Clarks. The purpose behind the creation of Monoliths was to help the firstborns accomplish the above tasks. Also, you will see the humans calling them Monoliths.

2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith can advance the development of the species. You can say them advanced species as Vagrant. The four of the Monoliths were present on the Earth, Moon, Jupiter, and in the fifth dimension.

2001: a space odyssey trailer will give you an idea of what you expect inside the movie. The film will start with you seeing the Earth and the appearance of the first Monolith on Earth the next day.

The apes fear his appearance. The fear turns into curiosity after some time as they begin to discover more about the Monoliths. The beginning scene shows the finding of a bone by an ape.

He attacks another enemy ape by throwing that bone at him when he finds him drinking water from their area. In this movie scene where you can watch it on 2001: a space odyssey Netflix, that bone floating above into a space missile.

You will the progress of the movie by the conversion of the tools of the man’ into a form of human-like as you will see a spaceship with a human-like face. The advancing civilization is a plus to watch.

Now the man can fly towards the moon as well as can also excavate. With these advanced abilities, now man can find Monoliths that are under the Moon. The astronauts encounter a loud noise from this Monolith.

This noise is the calling of the other Monoliths to join and move to the other planet to advance their evolutionary process. You will then see another Monolith on Jupiter. Nasa sends the astronauts to Jupiter.

Now, this portion of the movie is less about the Monoliths and more about Hal. Hal will end up killing everyone but except one who is Dave. It shows the turning of the tool into the man with further kills other men.

Now the man is the winner by killing everyone with his tools. You will the Jupiter with Dave, as well as the Monolith. The story will proceed with Dave ending up meeting the last Monolith.

The Starchild is what the firstborns transform Dave into as it is a cinematic representation and not a physical entity. The creation of Starchild also shows rebirth.

It is a small summary of the movie, as you can watch it in detail on 2001: a space odyssey full movie Dailymotion. You can avail all the happiness and excitement by 2001: a space odyssey streaming.

2001 A Space Odyssey Characters

  • Hal

Hal is an intelligent creation in the laboratory as a robot. He is human-like due to his communication level as he talks not like robots but as humans. There is no need for food as well as sleep for Hall as he is a robot.

He can do complex calculations as well as he also becomes aware of his self-consciousness.  He then develops a murderous trait within himself for his safety and assistance.

  • David Bowman

David is an astronaut in 2001: a space odyssey movie. He is an intelligent astronaut to stay alive as well as deal with the death of Frank Poole. He is the one to pass the stargate.

  • Frank Poole

Frank Poole is the second astronaut in 2001: a space odyssey movie. In the entire travel to Saturn, he is also awake with David. He has the skills to make extra-vehicle trips which ultimately becomes the cause of his death.

  • Heywood Floyd

Heywood is the senior officer from the government. For the investigation of TMA, he goes to the Moon. He is an excellent bureaucrat, as the best men’s joggers.

  • Ralph Halvorson

He is also a bureaucrat, like Dr.Heywood Floyd. When Heywood reaches the Moon, Ralph is the one to greet him. These bureaucrats are as essential in life as the reasons to live a simple life.

  • Moon Watcher

He is a man-ape in 2001: a space odyssey movie who is very gifted. Moon watcher can walk upright as well as do the planning.

2001: A Space Odyssey Run Time

2001: a space odyssey run time is two hours and nineteen minutes. This time is not too long to make you bore or not too short. It is perfect as the songs that remind you of summer.

Wrap Up: 2001: A Space Odyssey-Watch Online

2001: a space odyssey is a full-on entertaining movie to watchkeeping you hooked till the last second. If you can not go to cinemas, consider watching it online on various platforms.

You can watch a space odyssey on Netflix as well as Dailymotion online. To go into any further details, consider reading its book. It is 2001: a space odyssey book. The summary and the character description in this odyssey article are what you want for motivation to watch.

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