Who is the Husband of Kamala Harris, Douglas Emhoff?

She is the first Asian women Vice President. It is a proud moment for all the women out there and, everyone wants to know the details of her personal life, such as who Kamala Harris’s husband and children are and many more questions.

Douglas Emhoff Kamala’s husband is not an ordinary man but is the second gentleman of the nation. These both husband and wife have made history being the firsts in both your professions.

He wants to bring justice to people and make people of America trust the government. He will help Kamala and the present to achieve all this. To know more about them, you need to read the article below, as reading can help you during these Corona Virus times.

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Douglas Emhoff Background:

Brooklyn was the city where he was born. He is a law graduate from California’s School Law. Before he was elected, he equally managed his time in D.C and as well in California.

He was a partner at a Law firm on the west coast. As soon as Kamala Harris become the Vice president, he said that he wants to leave his job for time with his wife.

He is no less as he is very educated and is very famous in the business world. He has been in international corporations, due to which also he is one of a high profile.

He earned a lot at the law firm, which can approximately be 1.6 dollars. He no more works there and wants to teach law to the youngsters. He will start teaching at Georgetown University.

How did They meet?

As soon as a couple becomes a dynamic duo, people love to know more about them. They both, as a couple is no less than dynamic. Douglas Emhoff is an individual and an influential personality, but he got more hype as being Kamala Harris Husband.

Blind dates are not only for casual people but also leading personalities to do that. Yes, you’re right. A blind date is where they first met each other.  When Kamala was the attorney general, she met him the first time.

It was all set in smoothly, as the dates in the emails Douglas sent to Kamala show professionalism. It shows his commitment to making it work. We can predict from that the first meeting went well.

After a year, a romantic thing happened in Harris’s apartment. Can you guess? Yes, he prosed her. How romantic, isn’t it? Every girl dreams of such a sweet proposal.

Douglas Emhoff Children-Kamala Harris Children:

From the previous marriage of Kamala Harris Husband, he has two beautiful children. It makes Kamala Harris a stepmother of two children. Their names are Cole and Ella. They have a mother whose name is Kerstin.

 Cole is his son being a graduate and his elder son. His daughter is Ella being the younger child and also a graduate. Cole and Ella graduated from Colorado College and Parsons School of Design.

Do you know what they call their stepmother? ‘Momala’ is the name given by her stepchildren. Harris was so kind that she brought cookies for both the children in her first meeting.

She is also friends with their mother, Kerstin, which shows her character beautifully. They are a modern family so everyone should take them as an example.  He is also very close to his family and wishes well for them, such as his mother, father, brother, and sister, as no one wants to affect their personal lives.

How was the Wedding?-Kamala Harris Mother:

Most people dream of their dream wedding as the grandest event ever. They want thousands of guests, many flowers as decoration, and the correct color scheme. Being public figures, everyone wants to know, how was their wedding?

They are a unique couple as they did not wish for a grand wedding but instead got married in a private and simple ceremony. Kamala Harris’s mother would be the happiest on this day if she would have been alive.

The ceremony was at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. A pale gold outfit is what Kamala harris preferred at her wedding. They wrote their vows themselves. The honoring of traditions at the wedding was the highlight as respecting individual cultural backgrounds is beautiful.

Does Douglas Emhoff Support Kamala’s Career?-Kamala Harris Nationality:

Does Kamala Harris’s husband support her career? This question has a lot of importance as most men do not support their wives’ careers. Kamal Harris’s age is 56 and, her career is rocking.

Kamal Harris’ nationality is American. Kamala Harris’s husband left his job to support his wife’s career. It shows how proud he is of his wife. His dedication towards his wife is an example for all the husbands.

How many times have Kamala Harris been Married?-Has Douglas been Married before?

Why are people interested in wanting to know how many times a woman is married? It is ridiculous. Kamala Harris strong woman and wasn’t married before Douglas Emhoff.

Douglas Emhoff, on the other hand, has been married before once. He got married when he was a partner at a law firm. His marriage did not work out but, It has given two beautiful gifts Cole and Ella. Children are the most precious.

Kamala Harris is a role model for all young girls. She managed to have a rocking career and got married when she fell in love. She didn’t do it just because social pressure is what we should all learn.

Final Words,  Who is Kamala Harris Husband, Douglas Emhoff.

His love for his wife is visible, as you can see in his Twitter biography, where he writes Kamala harris’s hubby. Isn’t it cute? After Kamala became the Vice President,  he changed his biography as a proud husband.

Every girl needs a husband like Douglas Emhoff. Kamal Harris’s husband is an inspiration for the men. If you are a man reading this article, please know that this is the criteria for a husband.

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