What Is The Difference Between Shoujo And Shounen Anime?

Anime is basically a computer and hand-drawn animation which is originated from Japan. In Japanese anime is a word that is derived from the English word animation, and it describes all types of animated work no matter what the style and origin is.

Anime is a different medium whose production is very distinctive, and it is adapted in answer to the new emerging technologies.

This is one of those types which combines characterization, graphic art, cinematography, and all other types of individualistic and imaginative techniques.

As compared to the animation that is done in the western world the anime production focuses very less on the movement and a lot more on the settings and different camera effects like zooming, panning, and angle shots.

Different types of art styles are being used in anime. The features and the proportions are varied, but one common characteristic is the emotive and large eyes.

The anime industry has more than 430 production companies, which includes so many big names. Because of the dubbing and subtitles, it has gained popularity in not only Japan but all around the globe.

Anime has gained recognition so much in the past few years that even those who do not watch anime, know what it is. You must have read about it in different blogs like The Odyssey Online and must know what it is.

Modern anime started at the beginning of 1956 and became really successful in the year 1961 when different production companies came to the front.

There are different anime movies like “Akira” that set some amazing records in the year 1998 for the cost of production of the anime, and it became successful internationally very soon.

Later in the 2000s same creators that produced Akira, produced a new anime movie called “Steam Boy” which was one of the most expensive anime films.

One of the most different types of anime resides in the faces of these characters, while there

Different Types of Anime:

There are different characters that possess different proportions of body parts, hair, facial expressions, and heads are mostly exaggerated and are colored very brightly. 

Anime is one of those genres that come in different types and each type defines a different topic and imagination power of the developer. In this article, we will get to know about the difference between two of the most-watched types are Shounen anime, Shoujo anime.

The Japanese anime, video games, and Manga are placed into the category of Shoujo and Shounen depending upon the demographics. While there are different types of anime categories, in this article we will only focus on the difference between Shoujo and Shounen anime.

Shounen Anime:

Shounen anime factually means “a young boy “ in the Japanese context. As it is clearly shown by the name the Shounen Manga video games, anime and the genre are focused towards the males that are school-aged in Japan.

The target audience of this genre is somewhere between the boys of elementary school to the boys that are in their teenage. Apart from the focus, it is one of those genres that is loved by people of almost all ages.

Not just that but it also comes in some other subgenres, for example, Shounen romance, Shounen sports action, and more. In the Shounen series, if you want to recognize if it is Shounen try to find out who is the protagonist of the story.

If the protagonist of the story is male, then you know the answer that it is Shounen anime.

In the Shounen series, the male characters are made in a way that they are more muscular and the females’ characters are well endowed.

Shoujo Anime:

In the Japanese context, Shoujo means “young girl”. In this genre of anime, all the centers of attention are the girls that are in elementary school to the girls that are in their teenage. Similar to

Shounen, the Shoujo anime is also enjoyed by people of all ages. The Shoujo anime is also categorized into subgenres like Shoujo Fantasy, Shoujo romance, Shoujo action, and much more.

Shoujo anime is also one of the most popularly watched anime of all types, and it has become very famous lately.

If you want to recognize the Shoujo anime series, look for the protagonist of the story, if the protagonist of the story is female, then it is a Shoujo anime. Because of this fact, Shoujo anime mostly targets the female audience and is mostly watched by them.

Another very easy indicator that tells us about the difference between the Shoujo and Shounen. In the Shoujo titles, the female characters are most commonly in a more realistic way with a lot more reserved clothing. While men in the series are often well-shaven and slim.