What is Doodle For Google? Information About Doodle For Google Scholarship 2021, Prizes, Winners, And Themes

The change in the logo of google is a doodle for google. The google logo changes reflect the current situations, such as celebrating holidays, famous people, etc.

The initiation of doodle for google was by Larry as well as Sergey. The first doodle for google was a stick standing behind ‘o’ in the google alphabet. It did have a meaning as everything has, which was that the founders were not in the office.

After two years,  there was another doodle for google for  Bastille Day and, that is how it started. It is still in continuous process because the users love google for google.

To know more details about doodle for google, follow this doodle article. It will provide all updates of doodle for google, as you can then participate in the competition.

Let’s start!

The Process To Enter For Doodle for Google.

If you are a student having an interest in making doodles for google, follow the doodle process below:

  1. You have to start with downloading the doodle form. You can also directly print the entry form from the website.
  2. You can create the doodle for google with any material you prefer, such as crayons, markers, as well as clay. You can take help from doodle for google videos to get inspiration.
  3. You have to explain your drawing in the artist’s statements. The explanation should also reflect how the doodle follows the theme.
  4. You have to fill the remaining doodle form and make it sign by an elder of yours.
  5. Scan the doodle to attach it with the doodle form. You will not need to do it if you create the doodle directly on the form.
  6. Now you are ready to submit the doodle form.

Doodle For Google Scholarship 2021

Scholarships are essential in every field of work. It works best for students creating a doodle for google as it is not only a creative activity as the scholarship will motivate them to do better.

While creating a unique doodle, use your imagination to its capacity. Making it more creative and unique will increase your chances to finalize the scholarship. The national winner will receive a thirty thousand dollars college scholarship.

A not-for-profit organization will receive a fifty thousand dollars package. A five thousand dollars scholarship is for each national finalist. With these money scholarships, you will also get a scholarship for trips. You will also get to the displaying of your doodle.

Doodle For Google Prizes 2020

These prizes below will motivate you to participate in doodle for google 2022. The 2020 doodle for google prizes for the national winner, national finalists, and the State and territory winners are as below:

  1. National Winner

The national winner will receive a college scholarship of thirty thousand dollars. You will also get to display your creative artwork on google for a day. For a not-for-profit organization or school, you will receive a technology package of fifty thousand dollars. You will also get google hardware as well as fun Googley swag.

  1. National Finalists

There will be four doodles for google finalists whose work displaying will be in the gallery. With five thousand dollars each, you will also get google hardware as well as fun Googley swag.

  1. State and Territory Winner

There will be fifty-four state and territory winners. All of their work displaying will be on the google gallery. They all will receive a celebratory message, google hardware as well as fun Googley swag.

Doodle For Google Winners 2020

There were five national finalists from each grade, but only one made it to become the winner of doodle for the google 2020 competition. After the assessment of these five artworks by the google panel, the winner is here.

The winner of the 2020 doodles competition is Saron Sara. She is a student of fifth grade from Texas. Her teacher was one telling her about this completion in third as well as fourth grade.

Her doodle inspiration was her personal experiences with the unfair treatment of her classmates due to her looks. No one wants to be her friend, so she drew to tell that looks do not matter, as you should look for the person inside.

Doodle For Google Hawaii

One of the Hawaii students in 2020 was one of the five finalists of doodle for the google competition. The name of the doodle Hawaii finalist is Mackenna Hughes. She is a student of K-3 grade.

She writes that she shows kindness by cleaning the beach by picking trash as well as plastics. She will receive all the rewards of the finalists as above. As you should service your AC by yourself, you also need to maintain the beach’s cleanliness.

Doodle For Google Winners 2021

The five finalists of doodle for google winners are as below:

  1. Sadra Rajaee, Arizona

Sadra Rajaee is a student of the grade K-3. The title of her doodle art was imagination brightens the future.

  1. Elise Then, Oregon

Elise Then is a student of grades four to five. The title of her doodle art was nature’s strong-fold.

  1. Marketa Douglas, RhodeIsland

Marketa Douglas is a student of grades six to seven. The title of her doodle art was connections and kindness. 

  1. Kiara Susana Ponce Virella, Puerto Rico

Liara Susana Ponce Viella is a student of grades eight to nine. The title of her doodle art was the splash of hope.

  1. Milo Golding, Kentucky

Milo Golding is a student of grades ten to twelve. The title of her doodle art was finding hope.

Final Words: What is Doodle For Google? All Information about Doodle For Google.

This doodle for google article is best as a complete guide for the fallout 4. All the titles for the doodle for google depend upon the doodle for the google 2021 theme. I am strong because’ is the theme for 2021.

The doodles are what we relate as the quotes from the office that we all relate to. Hopefully, you will create the best doodle next year.

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