What color is Math For Children?

While growing up and going through different phases of growth including childhood, teenage, and adulthood, we come across the same kinds of subjects in every grade. Compulsory subjects remain the same while optional subjects get changed based on the level of grade and choice of an individual. The subjects that remain throughput with us in initial grades are Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. As a child, we grow up by developing a certain type of affiliation with either of these subjects.

Once we develop the association, our mind starts thinking about it deeply and co-relates different things such as color. In this way, color has become part of the subject identification. It is the psychological impact also to relate different things while growing up. One thing that should be noted and may have impacted the colors allocated to each subject is the color of textbooks when we were children. You think of the color for a certain subject and then go back to memory lane. You will certainly find the textbook with the same color that you have assigned to a particular subject. So there are different and diverse psychological and emotional factors that drive a person to think in a particular way about a subject. Often students show a tendency towards a particular subject while trying for different ways to stay away from boredom.

Colors are a strong depiction of anything abstract or concrete. If we categorize subjects according to color, then every color will speak about its subject. There are certain subjects associated with specific colors. It has been observed that students usually associate their favorite colors with their favorite subjects. That is why it becomes difficult to make them understand the actual color of the subject based on the nature and psyche of the subject. Students often become reactive when they are told the color of their subjects which is not their favorite or which they do not like.

There was a time when we used to see the conflict between two colors i.e. Red and Blue for the subjects of Math. Some people used to associate red color with Math while others used to go with blue color. The same case was with English that people associated multiple colors with this subject. Some students claimed that yellow is the color of English while others are of the opinion that blue is the color of English. If you talk about the subject that has gotten the maximum uniform opinion about colors, then Science is the subject on which most students were agreed to give this subject a Green color. Theses that are associated with a particular subject are not ultimate.

This is due to the emotional tendency of the students that they vote for certain color because of their emotional association and affiliation with the color. Similarly, the color for the subject of Math was decided to be Red. This color is given to Math because it is a strong color depicting the intelligence and quickness in mind. People hold different views over the association of red color with Math but it is a popular opinion that red is for Math. There are many songs that remind you of summer along with other seasons. Similarly red is the color that reminds a person of the subject of Math when talking academically.