Top 8 Tips to Be a Healthier Dog

One of the easiest ways to keep your dog healthier is a combination of the right diet and exercise. Dogs are the most loyal pets to ever exist. Their love for their owners and human beings is unconditional.

However, dogs can be stressful for people as they need constant care and attention. My uncle was a businessman, so he could not give time to his dog. I witnessed the reaction of the dog and the consequences due to lack of care.

We will tell you eight valuable tips that will keep your dog healthier and stronger. Let’s start.

1.     Give High-Quality Food

We are sure that you are already providing your dog with healthy food, but we will tell you a diet that will make your dog healthier. Small changes can make noticeable changes to your dog’s health and wellness.

Dogs of young age have a strong immune system, so little imbalance in the diet doesn’t cause illness for your dog. We advise you not to wait until your dog’s immune system gets weak.

Research shows that only 25% of real nutrition can decrease the probability of your dog being overweight. Your dog can achieve optimal health only if you give them high-quality food with a high amount of nutrition.

2.     Socialization

Socialization of dogs is underrated, and people don’t give it importance, but it can make your dog a lot healthier. The first step you can take in this aspect is to let your dog play at the local park.

A dog can enjoy the free time and use it for roaming around or doing exercises. The added advantage is that it will help dogs in dog-to-dog social interaction and dog-to-people interaction.

Moreover, socialization will help your dog get rid of bad habits and behave well in front of others. Your dog will welcome new friends and live a healthier life.

For example, Rottweiler puppies are very social and if they’re left alone or don’t socialize with other dogs it can cause them to develop behavioral issues.

3.     Check Dog’s Ear Regularly

Infection is common among dogs, so make sure that you check your dog’s ear for any infection. If you notice any discharge from the ear, clean it using cotton balls.

Please do not use any hard material like Q-tips because they may damage the eardrums of your dog. We advise you to use tweezers instead. The proper way of using a tweezer is not to pull ears; it could hurt your dog.

4.     Take Dog to Veterinarian

 Taking your dog to a vet is very important as it will help you detect diseases and subtle changes early. Out of all the pets, dogs can communicate the most, so if they feel any discomfort, they can express it to their owners.

On the contrary, if you take your dog to the vet too late, the vet won’t be able to do much about the infection. To be on the safe side, you should take your dog to a vet once or twice a year.

Annual blood work is also important for your dog as it will help you detect organ infections and diseases.

5.     Personal Space for Dog

Personal space is important for everyone, whether it’s a human being or any pet. It helps them in personal growth and living a healthy life.

There are plenty of guests in every home at a special event, which makes the house crowded. Your dog may feel uncomfortable and not find enough time for itself.

Make sure that your dog has a separate place to retreat and be alone. It will help your dog remain calm, safe, and not get aggressive. Moreover, it will help your dog be healthier.

6.     Play Games with Dogs

It is rightly said; that if you have a dog, you don’t feel lonely. Being a dog owner, you can play many games with your dog. It involves a fetch game with your dog, tug of war, hides and seek, chasing balls, jumping rope, and running races.

Playing the games mentioned above will help your dog stay relaxed, fit, and happy, but it will also help you stay fit and active, which is an added advantage.

Moreover, playing games with your dog will improve your dog’s social skills too. It will help your dog understand and learn how to behave with other people when playing a game.

7.     Give Plenty of Water and Maintain Proper Weight

A normal and healthy dog drinks about 20 bowls of water every day. Make sure that your dog drinks the required amount of water and has access to clean drinking water. Many dog owners do not know the importance of drinking clean water and maintaining a proper diet.

Be careful and don’t overfeed your dog; it will put extra stress on joints and bones. To keep your dog healthy, make sure that you maintain a healthy diet and feed them a nutrition-based diet.

8.     Brush Dog’s Teeth

Periodontal disease is one of the main diseases found in dogs, and it is often overlooked. Imagine you never brush your teeth; the dogs are no different. It can cause many diseases, including cardiac disease, diabetes, and systemic illness.

When brushing your dog’s teeth; give proper attention and brush the entire mouth, including the tongue and lips. Moreover, use a soft brush so that your dog does not feel uncomfortable.

Many of the tasks performed by your dog are done with the help of its mouth, so make sure that the teeth of your dog are strong. Any discomfort in their teeth will result in it being aggressive and whiny.


Our love for dogs is unconditional. The amount of love, care, and time you give to your dog will prove helpful in the long run. Your dog will obey you as much as you invest in your dog.

If you want your dog to obey you, behave well with other people, and not get aggressive, you will have to care for your dog’s health.

We have mentioned the main tips that will help you take care of your dog correctly. There are many other tips, but we have highlighted the main tips that will work immediately.

This is all from today’s topic. If you need any more assistance, feel free to contact me. Please leave us your feedback in the comments section. Thank you so much for your time.

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