Songs that remind you of summer

Songs are so powerful that it leaves an impact on the personality of the people. Certain songs are so impactful that a person remembers it’s a lifetime. Every song has its own feel. It also depends on the mood of the person and how it changes while listening to a song. There are several songs that remind you of seasons or certain memories in a particular season. Here we shall discuss a few of the songs that remind you of summer.

The Warmth of the Sun:

            This song has the feeling of pleasant summer because of the mention of sunshine in the lyrics. This song is sung by The Beach Boys who have a strong brand. There is a common perception about the song that when you listen to it in a difficult time or in a hot season, you feel good.

In the Summertime:

            This song is sung by Mungo Jerry. This is a song that clearly imparts the feeling of summer. When you listen to the song, you detach yourself from worldly affairs for a few seconds. In this way, you become happy remembering the summertime.

Hey Ya:

            It is a party summer song with a high beat. When you listen to this, you start humming the song. This is a song that should be put on the radio all summer.

One Week:

            Many songs including One Week remained the happiest summer songs for the longest time. Whenever people listen to this song, they remind the happiest moments of summer since the release of its song in 1998.

Hotel California:

            This song is a summer hit. While driving at night in summer, you must have remembered this song reminding you of good memories. It seems that this song is written for the people breathing in the desert at night time having a cool breeze.


            Summertime compels a person to develop an imaginative world where there is no evil and people of the entire world are living in harmony. This song was written in the year 1935 by George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward. It is an emotional song depicting the summer season as a season of peace and harmony.

Summer nights:

            Summer nights is a song that specifically depicts the feeling of being young. It is based on the carefree attitude that youngsters usually have at a young age. If you play this song in summer, you will be remembering all the time that you have spent in your adulthood. You will remember the moments that you have spent in the summer season.

Hot fun in summertime:

            This song is based on fun moments spent with family friends. Summer is the season when people go out the most and spend time out in pools or breezy places where they could breathe freely. This song reminds a person of all the funny memories that you spend with your friends in the hot summer.

Cruel summer:

            Summer is the hottest season that brings a feeling of anguish in people. It is perceived as the season that is utterly hot, unforgiving, and loveless. This song depicted the entirely hot picture of the 80s when the summer was deadly hot and people were not happy with this season. Whenever you listen to this song, you remember the hottest months you have spent in your life and the hard moments associated with it.


            As the name indicates, this song brings a pleasant feeling. It seems like rainbows and sunshine are making their way while listening to this song. It is the most enchanting song that you will ever remember in happy summer moments.

 Love is like a heatwave:

            Whenever you listen to this song, it reminds you of the pleasant feeling of love when you are with your loved ones. In this song, summer is associated with the heatwave that it make you engrossed in the feeling of love. Summer is portrayed as a beautiful season that reminds you of the lovely moments spent with your friends and family.

Hot stuff:

            When this song was released, it instantly become the summer anthem. People loved to sing this song with upbeat music. Whenever you listen to this song, a sense of excitement gets over you.

Fight the power:

            Since this song is released, it was added to the playlist of people and they listened to it throughout the summer season. It inculcates a sense of motivation in a person. This song has the power to get along with you anywhere in the world. You can hardly ignore this song. Now whenever the summer season comes, people remember this song and the lovely memories and moments associated with this song.

The Sound of Sunshine:

            This song has a cool and refreshing effect on the mood of the person. Whenever you listen to this song, you feel a sense of hope in yourself. Whenever you listen to this song, you get back to the moments when you listened to this song for the very first time on a road or while you were on a long drive. This song has the power to calm the mind of a person instantly.

Ramble on:

            The title of this song has attracted millions of youngsters to play this song time and again. This song best resonated with the minds of young boys and girls and they thoroughly enjoyed the lyrics of the song. There are many people who have listened to this song in college with their friends in the sunny season. Whenever you listen to this song, it reminds you of the good memories that you have made with your friends at school, college, or university on a sunny morning or afternoon.