How Does Jackson Die in The Originals?

The Originals is basically an American Television show where the drama orbits around the supernatural, fantasy, and horror genres. This American TV show was aired in 2013 on October 3rd. the Originals is known to be the spin-off of the famous Television series ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

The story of ‘The Originals’ revolves around Klaus Mikaelson, who is basically a hybrid, a werewolf, and a vampire. He and his siblings got into some dirty politics which was going on in New Orleans.

Klaus Mikaelson and his siblings are the famous ‘the originals’ because they are by far the first vampires in the world, and all other vampires are their followers, basically an army they created by converting people into vampires.

If you have seen The Vampire Diaries, you will be well aware that Klaus Mikaelson always wanted to unleash his hybrid nature. If not, you can read the overview of ‘the Vampire Diaries’ on the Odyssey online blogs.

 Unlike his other siblings, he was a son of a werewolf and a witch, and he hated this about himself. Klaus Mikaelson hated his siblings because of the fact that he was a hybrid.

 Nasty quarrels between the siblings were nothing new, but as they moved to New Orleans, he started to grow closer to his family and realized that siblings are the best thing to have.

Moreover, many secrets were revealed, and old friendships were revived in the deathly situation formed in the French Quarter, New Orleans.

Though New Orleans had always belonged to the ‘The Originals’ family, they never came to take charge until now. In their absence, the control was in the hands of Klaus’s protégé, named Marcel.

Now, on his return to New Orleans, Klaus wanted the chargeback. But he had to do this while keeping the peace and harmony in the city, which was the real difficulty.

Taking down Marcel was nothing difficult for Klaus Mikaelson because no one couldn’t deny the fact that he was powerful, and everybody did fear him. The real problem was the ongoing war between witches, vampires, and werewolves.

The first season of the series, ‘The Originals’ revolves around Klaus Mikaelson and his child. The child was very special because he was carrying very powerful mystical powers which were to be protected from enemies at all costs.

Klaus Mikaelson along with his two siblings; Elijah Mikaelson, and Rebekah Mikaelson, fought hard to keep his child safe from all the negativity that surrounded him and his family.

The second season shows the vengeful parents of ‘the originals’ family. Mikaelson’s hated their father quite a lot, and his return was something that made them very anxious. But they dealt with the problem very nicely.

Together the Mikaelson siblings not only got rid of their father but their mother and an aunt. Their revenge against their aunt was because of Klaus’s child; she threatened them with the baby’s life, which they had to protect at all costs.

The third season brought new fears to the Mikaelson family as the problems were not finished. Mikaelson’s had a long history and with that a long list of enemies who waited for their downfall all their lives.

As we mentioned above, the originals sired non-vampires into vampires and an army of non-original vampires was created. This army consisted of the vampires sired by all the members of the Mikaelson family. Now they wanted revenge against their sires.

Mikaelson’s were surrounded by a lot of problems, so they sent Hayley (mother of Klaus’s child) to live with his werewolf family who promised to protect her and the child at all costs.

And that is when Hayley fell in love with Jackson Kenner and got married. Though Hayley got married to another man, she and Jackson protected the baby at the cost of their lives. And Jackson loved Hope (Klaus’s daughter) like her own.

Just like Klaus Mikaelson, Hayley was also surrounded by enemies who wanted their revenge for a long. And in this revenge against Hayley, Triston killed Jackson Kenner by ripping off his heart. Jackson was killed on the very day he confessed his love to Hayley. A sad death no doubt.

Viewers jump five years ahead along with the Mikaelsons because the fourth season jumped straight five years ahead. In this season, Mikaelsons return to New Orleans ready to crush down anyone coming in their path.

The fifth season is the finale season of The Originals series. Hope is now a teenager as we jumped another seven years in season five. Hope goes to ‘Salvatore Boarding School for the young and gifted’ which is basically a supernatural school for children with superpowers.

While Mikaelsons are fighting against their enemies like in all other seasons. After all this time, they still are striving against their enemies trying hard to protect themselves and their families from the ancient menace.