Donald Trump Twitter Tweets Of His Family

There is no personality famous as Donald Trump and Trump’s Twitter tweets. We all know how famous, funny, and controversial tweets we get to see from him. Is he not the most outspoken human being on earth?

Donald Trump was the American president from the year two thousand seventeen to two thousand twenty-one. He is the forty-fifth president of theUS. Not only him but most of his family are onTwitter.

People not only look for Trump’s Twitter tweets but also for the tweets from his family.  They have to stock various Twitter accounts to get an update about the tweets of him and his family.

In this Trump Twitter article, you will get to read some of the tweets from the Trump family.

Let’s start with the tweets!

Melania Trump Twitter Tweets

Some of Melania trump Twitter Tweets are as the following:

  • On 27th August, Melania tweeted that for Marine heroes’ families, she was praying. The ones in Kabul who dyed as well as the ones who are in difficult times.
  • On 4 July, Melania tweeted to wish everyone independence day.
  • On 31th May, Melania tweeted that she honors the fallen heroes who fight for their freedom.
  • On 27 April, Melania thanked everyone was for the birthday wishes.
  • On 9th April, Melania tweeted that she and trump give their condolences to the royal family as well as the Queen for the death of Prince Charles.

Trump Twitter Jr Tweets

Some of the trump Twitter Jr Tweets are as the following:

  • Recently, Donald Trump Jr tweeted and showed his disgrace on the trolling of Tucker Carlson on Twitter by the woke generals, but you can get fired if you ask for accountability of deadly mistakes.
  • Recently, Donald Trump Jr shared Jim Geraghty’s tweet and said that it is easy to throw stones because of the reason of putting the Taliban in charge of security.
  • Recently, Donald Trump Jr shared ErikWemple’s tweet asking him if for the comment he reached out to Willie Brown too.

Lara Trump Twitter Tweets

Some of Lara trump Twitter Tweets are as the following:

  • On 22nd July, Lara Trump tweeted that the Right View’s new episode will come at eight tonight. She said that everyone will learn that she and ZubyMusic are besties and that he is a true Renaissance Man. And that’s he will be a backup rapper if he gets desperate.
  • On 18 June, Lara Trump tweeted requesting everyone to watch her interview with DanScavino.
  • On 31th March, Lara Trump tweeted requesting everyone to them tonight at the She also tells everyone the updated time to be nine-thirty pm.

Tiffany Trump Twitter Tweets

Some of Tiffany trump Twitter Tweets are as the following:

  • On 9 September 2020, Tiffany Trump tweeted urging everyone to transcend political boundaries on this election and to make their judgments based on the results instead of rhetoric. She mentions that the fight is freedom versus oppression as well as opportunity versus stagnation.
  • On 25 June, Tiffany Trump tweeted to pray for the families who got affected by the collapse as well as for the brave respondents who are working to save their lives.
  • On 21st June, Tiffany Trump tweeted on fathers day to wish her dad. She says happy fathers day and says that she is thankful for the boundless love, his sense of humor, as well as the belief he has in her.

Ivanka Trump Twitter Tweets

Some of Ivanka trump Twitter Tweets are as the following:

  • On 6th May, Ivanka Trump tweeted to inform everyone that her vaccination with the second dose of Covid-19 is complete. She gives awareness by saying that the best to end the pandemic is to become vaccinated. She says it will protect us and also shares her picture of vaccination.
  • On 15 April, Ivanka Trump tweets that got her first Covid Vaccine. She thanks the nurse and also shares a picture of getting the vaccine.
  • On 19 January, Ivanka Trump tweeted about the farmers and that the food box program will add one-point-five billion dollars of new funding. She said that the program would help hungry Americans during the pandemic.
  • On 18 January, Ivanka Trump tweets to honor the life of Dr.Martin Lurther King, Jr. She also writes his quote and shares a picture of him.
  • On 18 January, Ivanka Trump tweets that four sixty companies for the American students and workers have committed to more than sixteen million careers, as well as training opportunities.

Eric Trump Twitter Tweets

Some of Eric trump Twitter Tweets are as the following:

  • On 27th August, Eric Trump tweeted, sharing a link that why is the life JoeBiden not under the control
  • On 27th August, eric Trump tweeted, saying Hannity at nine pm with hashtagging RealDonaldTrump.
  • On 27th August, Eric Trump retweeted Benny’s tweet, saying that right now, the white house is shifting its pants.
  • On 27th August, Eric Trump tweeted as a hashtag saying BringTrumpBack.
  • On 17 August, Eric Trump shares a link. He also writes that the Taliban will use Twitter to broadcast Afghanistan updates as the Twitter account of Trump stays ban.
  • On 15 August, Eric Trump tweets how Trump dealt with the terrorists by sharing a picture of Trump.
  • On 31st July, Eric Trump tweets that it is hard to comprehend the weaponization of politics. He says it is just more harassment.

Final words: Tweets Of Donald Trump Twitter And His Family

Reading all these tweets of the family members of Trump will give you an idea of their personalities, as Barron Trump Twitter has no tweets. These tweets are like iconic vine quotes and references.

These tweets are good but do not use them as Cristian pick-up lines. This article is complete to know about their personalities, as you can also read it while on the road trip.

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