Christian Pick up Lines

It is not so easy to go on a date for some people. Men initiate various ways to wu the other gender. One of such ways is using different types of pick-up lines. It is not necessarily the best way as it does not always work.

Some also use religious pick-up lines dirty and pick-up lines about faith. It wonders women that how men think of such lines. They are annoying most of the time.

 They even use spiritual pick-up lines but, they are not disrespectful towards the religion. You do not need to use pick-up lines if your personality is strong and attractive enough. Your attractiveness will do the work.

Choosing which pick-up line to say at the right moment is art. Many people make fun of themselves by saying the wrong pick-up lines. People who cannot make up their pick-up lines should read this article.

You don’t need to stress away if you are unable to find a perfect pick-up line. In this article, I am listing down some different types of pick-up lines that you can use on the other gender or whichever you prefer.

Beginning with the article!

Christian Pick-up Lines Tagalog:

  • My purpose-driven life is awesome please join it.
  • You look like adam to me as you’re the only man important in this world.
  • We both look like 31 and 32 kinds of proverbs.
  • The reason I take the girls to BBQ ribs is that it feels biblical.
  • I am thinking to convert to divine revelation since I met you as before my belief in theology was strong.
  • Is stealing your heart a sin?
  • Ten percent of my heart is yours as that ten percent is a hundred percent sure.
  • You look like you were born from good soil.
  • Was falling from heaven hurtful.
  • I never knew angles are on earth.
  • You should practice speaking different languages with me.
  • I wish I knew your name and number so that I could remember you in my prayers.
  • Meeting you was the day when I started believing in predestination.
  • I pray for you twice when I count my blessings.
  • Pretty girl, can I call you as God did?
  • When I see us together, I become prophetic.
  • We can be a miracle couple like loaves and fishes.
  • You are glowing as it looks like a transfiguration.
  • Since the day I’ve seen you, I have become a slave for you. Are you an Egyptian?

Cheesy Christian Pick-Up lines:

  • You are a sin yet perfect.
  • Do you know how pretty your hair looks?
  • What more should I do than roaming around you to impress you?
  • I only have fish and apples for two people, I can’t do a miracle for more.
  • We would be a pair if we were around Noah.
  • I wish to lay hands on you, is prayer necessary?
  • Do you want to come home as my parents are out?
  • When you read Bible, do consider knowing what Paul means.
  • I feel like going to Bethlehem whenever I am walking with you.
  • Do buy indulgence as it is a sin to look the way you are looking.
  • You and I should be a remix of beautiful songs.
  • I pray to God according to Bible so that you come and here you are.
  • I want to tell you that I only pray for you from God.
  • I am sure that one of my ribs is yours.
  • People’s spirits are high due to your good looks.
  • You are so desirable that I want to become a christen.
  • Parting my Red sea for you is not a big deal.

Christian Pick-Up Lines Reddit:

  • I want you to think of me as Jesus as I only wish to come inside you.
  • Let’s just finish the task as I have already been doing adultery in my mind and heart.
  • Should I imitate Jesus as I hear that he calls you?
  • In Bible study, the stud is put back.
  • Biblically is the way I want to know you personally.
  • I am sure if Solomon had seen you, he would never have seven hundred wives.
  • I think your name is Grace, as you are irresistible to me.

End words: Christian Pick-Up Lines Jericho:

The usage of pick-up lines is common nowadays. The pick-up lines are still acceptable but, Christian rejection lines are not good.

The above pick-up lines will probably work for you. There are many more such as Christian pick-up lines book of numbers, for example, I was looking through in the book of numbers and I didn’t find your number there.

It is difficult to respect the Bible and use involve it in using pick-up lines with respect. You can not disrespect religion. Unless it is not hurting anyone, it sounds good. Pick-up lines should be funny, respectful, and entertaining for everyone.

Using these pick-up lines sounds so cheesy. They are also interesting if you hear them carefully. It is also a talent to think in such a different way. Rhyming and sinking the words with each other is not an easy job.

Let’s appreciate the ones who do it effortlessly. The Weird isn’t it? Why do people consider every phrase as a negative one? It is okay to sit back and enjoy some interesting phrases thrown at you unless they are disrespectful.

 I did try to include different types of pick-up lines with different Categories. You can also use pick-up lines for fun to lighten a conversation.

Pick-up lines also light up the environment as no one enjoys a dull, boring conversation. You can use pick-up lines in a good sense of humor and,  everyone who has a sense of humor will enjoy your company. This article will help you choose the best pick-up lines.

Pick up the best line!

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