7 Best Halloween Drinking Games

If you are the one who wants to throw a Halloween party, then you need to decide on games for it as well. These need to be exciting and fun.

Halloween drinking games are the best options for these parties. You can enjoy your drinks with the help of the addition of playing games. Remember to take care of esthetics at your Halloween party.

As people love housewarming gifts, they also love innovative games at a party. If you are looking for some, then this article is for you. It will give you some Halloween drinking games ideas.

Let’s start with the drinking games ideas!

1. Play Slap a Witch-Spooky Halloween Games.

It is a very spooky Halloween game, as the cup of drink that is in between other cups is the drink of the witches. The Party’s color of the wind will turn towards the witch when she has to drink it.

 These are some of the things to need to have to play these games, such as the following:

  • Cups of different colors such as red, orange, pink, etc.
  • Some loud Spooky Tunes which you have to play when starting this game.
  • Some pink pong balls that you can paint to make them creepy.

Use all these things to play the game, as who throws the ball in the middle cup, which is a witches cup, has to drink.

2. Play Trick or Treat- Halloween Party Ideas for Adults Only.

Trick or treat is the most common game that people play at Halloween parties. You can mold it into an adult game to make it more fun. There is no doubt that frat boys will always try it out.

You can make a trick-or-treat game turn into a Halloween drinking game. You have to fill an equal amount of cups with treat shots and trick shots. Some of the trick shots can be as the following:

  • Shot of Gross
  • Strong Liquor

Some of the treat shots can be as the following:

  • Delicious liquor
  • Sweet and warm liquor.

If you are a risk-taker, then this game is waiting for you. Each participant has to roll a dice to decide their fate, whether a trick or a treat. Heads can trick, whereas tails can mean vice versa.

3. Play Horror Movie Drinking Game-Halloween Drinking Game Movie.

If you wish to watch a movie on a Halloween night, then a horror movie is perfect. You can enhance its fun by adding in a drinking flavor. Doesn’t it sound fun? Horror versus horror is all you want on Halloween.

You can set the rules such that whoever screams in the middle of the movie has to take a shot each time. It sounds interesting as not only you will fear from the movie but also the shots. Take a risk this Halloween and add more horror games as much as possible.

4. Play 4 Minutes in a Closet-Scary Halloween Games.

Try to add more horror into the games as it will make your party more enjoyable and unique. One of the unique games is playing a four-minute in a closet. I do not recommend this game for kids, as it is also dangerous for them due to breathing issues.

 In it, you have to stay in a closet for no less than four minutes. Whoever falls to stay for four minutes will end up drinking more than two shots which tastes spooky. I know it is too bold for a game so make sure the adults play it with complete responsibility.

5. Play Social Media Shots-Fun Things to do on Halloween for Adults.

You can make Halloween drinking games fun by playing social media shorts. You can list several things that if your friends do on social media. For about twenty minutes, you guys had to shut your Facebook and Instagram.

Some of these posts can be as the following:

  • People, posting in Halloween costumes.
  • People, posting their dance videos.
  • People, posting in the same dress as one of you guys playing the game.

After that, when you open your apps and see any of these things being post, you will have to take a drink. You do not need to follow these ideas, as you can be creative with them.

6. Play Good Witch and Bad Witch-Witch Party Games.

If you are willing to be innovative for Halloween drinking game ideas, then good and bad witch can be a perfect game. This game is similar to trick or treat. You can either play this or that, depending on your choice.

You can toss a coin to decide if you are a good witch or a bad witch. Some of the things that a good witch can drink are as below:

  • Shots with fireballs.
  • A drink with lime drops.
  • Drink of soda, etc.

Some of the drinks that bad witches can drink are as below:

  • Shots of tequila.
  • Shorts of gin.
  • Shorts of whiskey, etc.

7. Play Boozing for Apples-Halloween Drinking games.

To make the Halloween drink game more interesting, you can add many apples and liquor bottles on a deep platform. They must be floating together in the water. You can blindside the players and make them pick the product without looking at it. It depends on the fate of the player if he gets apples or the liquor bottle.

Final Words: 7 Halloween Drinking Games-Halloween Party Themes for Adults Only.

There are various games that you can play at a Halloween party to make it more fun. One of the games for adults can also be to make everyone drink if any person enters with a typical Halloween costume.

Such as this idea and the ideas above can create various games and keep your audience entertaining. In the end, you will love to hear that the party was super fun and hear people brag about it for months.

Best of luck with your drinking games!