46 Frat Boy Names

There are many stereotypes in our society. Such stereotypes are also about a frat boy. Many people consider them as the ones binge-drinking and also the ones who are underachievers.

The shortcut of the word fraternity is frat. You can recognize these by specific frat boy names. People may consider it as a wrong thing, and many think they are stylish and sharp.

To join a frat club, you can wear ripped jeans and a statement belt, a black bodysuit or a leather top and leggings, etc. If you are new to the frat boy thing, you need to know the names.

It will help you get familiar in an easy way. You will get some of the best forty-six frat boy names in this article.

Let’s begin the article with the best frat boy names!

Frat Boy Names

  1. Todd 
  • Told is someone who is:
  • Very Skinny
  • He can be a standup comedian.

2. John

  • John is someone who is:
  • Very average looking
  • No one will be able to recognize him on campus.

3. Logan

  • Logan is someone who is:
  • So douche
  • And, also, he is equally hot.

4. Tyler

  • Tyler is someone who is:
  • Everyone who knows him calls him the lord of the rings.
  • He is aware of the European country’s capitols.

5. Chad

  • Chad is someone who is:
  • Someone who is in his 30s.
  • He wears his hat backward.

6. Trevor

Trevor is someone who gets into trouble all the time and his friends come to his rescue from jail.

  1. Kyle

Kyle is someone who includes himself in the cool gang in a clear way that no one notices.

  1. Preston
  • Preston is someone who:
  • Belongs to the northeast.
  • Has never seen someone who is black.

9. Charlie

Charlie is someone who thinks he is the best in his mind but speaks on very few occasions.

10. Chase

Chase is someone who was a hero in his school but isn’t anymore after his graduation.

  1. Stuart

Stuart is someone who considers him the best talent in sports but never accomplishes it rather joins the sales job.

  1. Jacob Jacob is someone who:
  • Is a douche
  • He is nicer to people than his siblings

13. Luke

Luke is someone who is the hottest of all.

  1. Dylan

Dylan is someone who identifies more as a surfer.

  1. Matt
  • Matt is someone who:
  • Skips all the parties and events
  • He is still the friend of everyone.

16. Caleb

  • Caleb is someone who is:
  • Very attractive and good looking
  • He has girlfriend
  • But he is still cheating on her.

17. Travis

Travis is someone who is the tallest of all.

18. Collin

Collin is someone who is the best dad bod.

  1. Brad

Brad is someone who is making his applications look the best by filling the chapter treasurer.

  1. Spencer

Spencer is someone who wears his hat backward and is the king in that.

  1. Brian
  • Brian is someone who:
  • Loves sports
  • He has a low GPA

22. Bryan

Bryan is someone who plays the guitar and impresses women.

  1. Colin

Colin is someone who impresses the girl out of his league cleverly and quietly.

  1. Ross

Ross is someone who covers his fat body with his sense of humor.

  1. Isaac

Isaac is someone who takes out time to take part in all the protests at school.

  1. Carson
  • Carson is someone who:
  • Is from an upper-middle-class family
  • He has many affairs which resulted in getting girls pregnant in high school.

27. Greg

Greg is someone who stays serious all the time.

  1. Richard

Richard is someone who has been lacking confidence since childhood.

  1. Chriss 
  • Chriss is someone who:
  • Stays captain of an intramural team
  • He never loses

30. William

William is very tall, even from Trever.

  1. Josh

Josh is someone who is average-looking but considers himself the hottest guy ever.

  1. Nick

Nick is someone who is nice and cares for all the girls.

  1. Brandon 
  • Brandon is someone who:
  • Has the best abs
  • Has the lowest GPA

34. Connor

Connor is someone who is the best at winning awards and is the best in studies since a kid.

  1. Tanner

Tanner is someone who looks dum, but he scores the highest GPA.

  1. Ryan 
  • Ryan is someone who:
  • Is a flirt
  • Every week has a new girlfriend.

37. Tom

Tom is someone who has too much hair on his chest.

  1. Phillip 
  • Phillip is someone who :
  • is an innocent and a nice guy.
  • As soon as he gets into college, he does every wrong activity, such as drugs.

39. Jack

Jack is early for every GameStop but never agrees on it with people.

  1. Ian 
  • Ian is someone who:
  • Is the best nerd
  • But he is friends with Garrett.

41. Doug

Doug is someone who is not comfortable wearing a sweater vest as he feels naked wearing it.

  1. John

John is someone who forgets going to the gym but never forgets to drink.

  1. Martin

Martin is someone who does not like rain, as he never forgets an umbrella, even for a single drop.

  1. Adam

Adam is someone who is very comfortable getting naked in a locker room.

  1. Rob

Rob is someone who loves singing a song on his first date.

  1. Cameron

Cameron is someone who informs everyone about going to law school.

Final Words: Frat Boy Names

If you are wondering about the details of the frat boy names, then this is the best article you will find on the internet.

These are the most famous and common names of the frat boys. This article will help with the meaning of each name in detail. I hope these frat boy names will help you.

Best of luck with the frat boy names!