30 Signs You are a Basic White Girl

Today you can spot different types of people easily, such as a white person and who is a black guy. They all have various signs.

It is much easier to find a basic white girl than any other. The basic white girl style and attitude are completely different.

Many of you can have a white girl inside them, as some signs are common. It is not an insult to be a white girl anymore as it is the coolest thing now. All girls want to be like them, as they carry all the trends.

They have the best handbags and the perfect dressing that all girls are attracted to become like them. If you have no idea about who white girls are, read this article for signs to identify.

Let’s Start with thirty signs of a basic white girl!

1. They have Social Media Obsession.

White girls have an obsession with it. They love following Instagram influencers. They have an addiction to Instagram and Facebook.

2. They have an Exotic Life.

They have an exotic life rather than a simple life. They are grown up in a different lifestyle. They try out new dishes instead of suffering from food.

3. They Eat Toast with Avacado on.

White girls always eat healthy food. They think the food is classy if it is avocado with toast. Use usually see them binge eating it.

4. They Start their Day by Posting on Social media.

Their day starts with an outfit of the day post on social media. They also post about their healthy breakfast.

5. They Drink Starbucks every day.

The go-to drink for basic white girls is Starbucks. They drink it every day and brag about how good it tastes.

6. They have lots of Shoes.

One of their obsession is shoes. They have a collection of shoes, whether old or the latest article.

7. They Roam around in Big Cars.

They usually don’t travel in busses or walk the street instead they roam the city in big cars. It is their go-to travel.

8. They Love buying Brands.

Shopping for clothes, shoes and, everything else from brands is a must for a basic white girl.

9. Their Babies have Unique Names, Basic White Girls Names.

The names of the white girl babies are as unique as their names. They have unique names and, so do their children.

10.They Love Listening to Rap Music.

They are not a white girl if they’re not into Drake and as well as Eminem. They consider rap music cool.

11.They Love Watching and Quoting Movies, Basic White Girl Quotes.

You will always see them quoting movies in daily life conversations. Girl cult movies are their favorite thing.

12.They Brag as if they are Poor But Have More Money in Reality.

Bragging about being poor is their thing. They do it all the time.

13.They Love buying Lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret is their favorite brand when buying lingerie, as purchasing it is another obsession of basic white girls.

14.They have Favourite Shows like Gossip Girls and Grey’s Anatomy.

If you love watching gossip girls and grey’s anatomy, you can be a white girl, as watching such shows is a white girl thing.

15.They are always on a Diet.

Staying fit and avoiding junk food is a white girl thing as they are always on a diet.

16.They Love Listening to Justin Bieber.

If the girls are obsessing with Justin Bieber, they are white girls.

17.They have the most Love for Wine.

There is no white girl who doesn’t like wine to drink. They love having it at least one time per day, such as white wine.

18.They always Walk in Style, Basic White Girls Things 2020.

A white girl thing is to walk in style all the time, as they are never out of style. A pedicure and a manicure are a must for them.

19.They Keep their Dressing Cozy.

Their dressing is always cozy classic. There is fur in nightdresses to make them feel comfortable.

20.They Love Watching Reality Shows.

Watching reality shows is a main friend’s evening together. They party together while watching it.

21.They Think French is Classy, Basic White Girl Quiz.

You can perform a white girl quiz to see if they love fresh or not. They talk, eat, and bathe in French all the time.

22.They Wear the Same Dresses as their Bffs.

If you see two or three girls wearing the same outfits, you can call them white girls as it is their thing.

23.They are mostly Taking Selfies.

Basic white girls are always taking selfies and uploading them. They take selfies of everything, such as the food, outfits, malls, etc.

24.They are Dramatic.

Being dramatic is a white girl thing.

25.They Use Some Common Words.

They use many words usually such as they mostly use seriously and literally in every conversation.

26.They Usually Wear Leggings.

They consider wearing leggings as the most stylish item in clothing. They are usually wearing leggings.

27.They are always Quoting Mean Girls in their Conversations.

If you see girls quoting mean girls in their conversations, they are the white girls.

28.They are always Following the Kardashians, Basic White Girls Songs.

They listen to basic songs and follow the Kardashians for everything, such as clothes, dressing, lifestyle, and body types.

29.They Have their Nails Painted all the Time.

They always have nails with paint paints on.

30.They Love having Nutella.

Having Nutella any time of the day is their thing.

Final words: 30 Signs You’re a Basic White Girl.

If you do all of the above stuff, you belong to a basic white girl club. They follow the iconic characters all the time.

Having all these habits is not a natural thing. Complete this article to confirm whether you are a white girl or not.

Best of luck!