Interesting Facts About Belinda Carlisle: Net Worth & Solo Songs

Don’t we all love singing and more so the singers, such as Belinda Carlisle? Fascination is a great thing as it is unique when we see things like the clouds or a beautiful scene and the energy it gives.

Fascination not only comes through things or views, but people also tend to fascinate other people. Today, we all want to be like someone or act like the others, such as the actors or the singers.

If you are a fan of Belinda Carlisle, this Belinda Carlisle article will give you all you need as it provides the details of her life and also some interesting Belinda Carlisle facts coming your way.

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Interesting Facts About Belinda Carlisle

The interest in the life of Belinda Carlisle is the craze people have for trendy new balance shoes. Read those interesting Belinda Carlisle facts below, which you do not want to miss:

1. Belinda Carlisle Was The First Child Of Her Parents.

We all know how the number of children matters. If you are the youngest of all, you are more likely to be the craziest and most spoiled one. Every stage matters as the child of each stage have its personality.

Can you imagine having six siblings? Well, Belinda Carlisle can as she was not only one of the seven siblings, but also she was the firstborn. The birth date of Belinda Carlisle is seventeenth August nineteen-fifty-eight.

So, Belinda Carlisle is above sixty years of age. Being smart as she was, she did not waste her time, and at an early age, she was successful in making her career proposers a huge musical talent.

2. Belinda Carlisle Was Poor While Growing Up.

Being poor is only a phrase that people who are facing it can understand. Unfortunately. Belinda Carlisle was one of them who has seen the real struggles of life. Real struggles include having no money and working every day to survive and have food for the family.

It is difficult to imagine our stars like Belinda Carlisle being poor, but it is the reality one faces. Belinda Carlisle’s father left her mother when Belinda Carlisle was only five years old.

Now, this was the time Belinda Carlisle’s mother started to struggle for the well-being of her family. Now, Belinda Carlisle has thousands of clothes to wear, but there was a time when there were only two outfits in her closet.

3. Belinda Carlisle’s Go-Go Was The Band Of Female To Make A Mark Among The Top.

Nineteen eighty-one was the time of the release of the Go-Go’s album. It was successful in taking the first spot or the top place in the US. It was an all-female band that was among the top at that time.

The sales exceeded over seven million with the Go-Gos over the world. These women were rocking as they wrote this song themselves as well as also the singing was them.

Belinda Carlisle did not stay on board with this gang as she went on to create her independent identity. Who doesn’t want to become a solo performer? Everyone wants it just, as everyone likes to have Brooks running shoes.

4. Belinda Carlisle Started Her Career As A Drummer.

Fulfilling their dreams is not always possible right at the start of their career. Belinda Carlisle is also one of them, as she started as a drummer instead of being a direct singer on stage.

Belinda Carlisle was the drummer at the age when she was nineteen years of age for the band whose name was ‘The germs’. It is very cool, as the band Belinda Carlisle was playing as a drummer was a rock band.

It was after this band Belinda Carlisle co-founded with the girls ‘The Misfits’, which was later the Go-Go’s, and we all know that was then the history as we all know how famous Go-Go’s was.

5. Belinda Carlisle’s Song ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’ Is One Of The Most Famous Songs.

We all know how popular the songs of Belinda Carlisle are, such as the song ‘ Heaven is a place on earth. We can never forget this song as heaven is a place on Earth is a classic of Belinda Carlisle.

There is no doubt that how famous the song is as it was at the top at those times in the US as well as in the UK. The song was so hit that it didn’t fail to get itself nominated for the Grammy Award.

The popularity of the song is such that it is impossible to say that this song didn’t makeup to go the weddings as well as the clubs in those classic times.

6. Belinda Carlisle Struggled With Alcohol As Well As Drugs.

We should always respect the ones, especially the famous ones, who are true about their actions rather than lying or portraying themselves as perfect human beings. However, it is impossible to be perfect and live life without making mistakes, so better be truthful.

As we talk about being truthful, Belinda Carlisle’s name is among the ones as she has always been real about her history with the drugs as well as the alcohol. Belinda Carlisle is honest as she reveals the truth of being an addict as she started using cocaine during the times of Go-Gos. 

7. Belinda Carlisle Auto-Biography Was Among The BestSellers.

Not many celebrities’ work is as positive by the audience as the work of Belinda Carlisle. Can you imagine a singer writing an auto-biography that becomes the best seller in a place like New York?

The name of the auto-biography of Belinda Carlisle is Lips Unsealed. The release of the famous with various positive responses and reviews was in June and the year was two thousand and ten.

8. Belinda Carlisle’s Marriage is More Than Thirty Years Old.

Nineteen-eighty-six was the time of the marriage of the superstar Belinda Carlisle, as Belinda Carlisle tries the knot with Morgan Mason this year. Belinda Carlisle’s husband, Morgan Mason was a film producer by profession.

Where couples are mainly splitting today, these two managed to survive a happy marriage for over thirty years and, to date, continue to do so. They have a baby boy together whose name is James.

Nineteen-ninety-four was the year of moving for this family as it was France which they moved to from the US. Belinda Carlisle, with her husband and son, finally settled in two thousand seventeen in Thailand.

Belinda Carlisle’s Net Worth

The birth of Belinda Carlisle was in Los Angeles. Belinda Carlisle is one sister among three sisters as well as three brothers, making them seven siblings with four sisters and three brothers.

With all the years of poverty after the left of her father, it was ten years of age when Belinda Carlisle released that she has an interest in music. Singing was not the profession of Belinda Carlisle.

Belinda Carlisle did various jobs, such as:

  • Belinda Carlisle was once working at a fabric store.
  • Belinda Carlisle was also once working as a photocopier.

Today, after all these struggles, Belinda Carlisle’s net worth stands at fourteen million dollars. Belinda was her debut in the year nineteen-eighty-six. It was after the famous Go-Go’s.

Her journey as a solo singer continues after Belinda to Mad About You which as third in The US. Some of her work is as :

  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song I Feel The Magic.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Band of Gold.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Heaven Is A Place On Earth.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song I Get Weak.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Circle In The Sand.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song World Without You.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Leave A Light On.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Summer Rain.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song, La Luna.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song We Want The Same Thing.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Do You Feel Like I Feel?
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Half The World.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Little Black Book.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song In Too Deep.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Always Breaking My Heart.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song: Love in the Key of C and California.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song All God’s Children.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song A Prayer For Everyone.
  • Belinda Carlisle’s singles include the song Feels Like I’ve Known You Forever.

Final Words: Everything About Belinda Carlisle

This Belinda Carlisle article is the best thing you can read is a Belinda Carlisle fam. This singer’s article is about her life and a few Belinda Carlisle facts.

This Belinda Carlisle article also includes a few of her solo songs that you can listen to on look as these were all very famous and at the top.

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