Why is The Novel Coronavirus Triggering Mental Health Issues

It’s only natural for humans to think of their health amidst a rapid spread of disease. Physical health is important. But so is mental health. For one is a reflection of his mental state of mind. A disturbed state of mind, medically, means a disturbed system of the body. Digestive, nervous and circulatory disturbances take prominence in a disturbed mental state.

Physical health and mental health are in a perfect correlation. The brain is physically a part of the body. And the body is functionally connected to and is dependent on the mind. A disturbance in one means a disturbance in the other. Hence where gyms are important to develop physique. Meditation is important to maintain it. For a poor state of mind is in no way parallel to a healthy body.

Mental health becomes increasingly important when a person is so indulged to maintain physical health that in his trails of being healthy, he stresses his mind and stresses his mental state. And this appears to be the case with people amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Mindset switch from living to survival

In normal days, people tend to be busy in their everyday lives. They are living their lives and surviving their institutions; work and study. Then coronavirus happened and people are now focused more on surviving. Nobody wants to be a victim of this outbreak and so a sudden switch of mindset happened. From living that focuses more on the maintenance of health, physical and mental, to survival that enforces the mind to focus more on the physical body at the expense of losing its own normal state.

the virus overtook the world by surprise. The alteration in the mental state, from one mode to another, on a sudden basis is always harmful. Short term or long term. The harm will be experienced eventually.

Uprising feelings of hopelessness

In the world advanced with technologies and methodologies, it seems very odd that the pandemic is giving scientists a hard time. Yet the virus can be tricky to work with. All the viruses can be quite tricky to work with actually. And the ones which already have vaccines against them took years of research and experimentation. Unfortunately not everybody knows this.

As the saying goes, expectations lead to disappointments. This is exactly what is happening to the human race today. Although people are optimistic about the development of a vaccine or a cure. Most expect it to hit the market very soon, something currently out of reach for the current advancements.

The feeling that the virus is spreading at an alarming rate. And the fact that it has a very high potency makes people go hopeless deep inside. A feeling that one can’t get out of this pandemic alive. A feeling that sooner or later, one will fall victim to corona. Which, by the way, couldn’t be more wrong.

Loneliness magnifies hopelessness to despair

One can overcome the feelings of hopelessness by socialising; something which is currently impossible. Not only impossible but also discouraged by the masses.

Humans are social animals. When we talk about feelings, we weigh them down our shoulders. It becomes a lesser burden to carry around one’s shoulders. But thanks to this pandemic, we can’t talk to each other properly. True there is social media and phones but what comes out of talking live with someone can never be compared with talking on the phone. The energy that radiates of the emotions being shared can be experienced by the person in front. This can relieve one from all the negativity holding him down, something phone can never provide.

So consider you are diving deep into the mighty ocean of hopelessness. And you can’t find a boat to hold on to and bring you to the surface; someone you can talk to.  You go deeper and deeper and deeper. Until, you reach despair.

Most of the suicide cases are because the victim never talked to someone properly that led him to despair and finally suicide. But of course this won’t lead you to suicide. Talking however, is very important so one should prioritize it more, even if it’s on the phone. Something is still better than nothing.

Fear of landing on grounds financially unstable

Finance is an important part of life.

Thanks to the pandemic, again, that businesses are down, the unemployment graph continues to rise up in a very steep fashion, and savings are draining fast.

It’s only natural for a man (or woman) to start worrying about his finances. After all there were plans into existence before the outbreak happened. Plans like buying a new car, a long vacation, getting a new piece of land… anything! There are always plans behind saving some cash. Unfortunately though, the coronavirus has forced businesses and companies to go down and stop working. This means no cash inflow for the employees which equals employees using their saved money to get those extra paper rolls, which equals dollars going down the sink like a waterfall.

A normal mind would stress over a situation like this. All the years of saving just to be spent during this outbreak to survive. And of course, there is always a fear of going bankrupt. No more cash in your account to survive anymore; worst-case scenario. Hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon, but it’s a sign of a healthy mind to think the possibility. A healthy mind thinking all the possibilities at the expense of losing its normal state.


While the pandemic can be very stressful for the mind and body. Remember, it’s not just upon you or your family. It’s upon all of us and all of us are going through this together. We are all in this together and we will survive this, just like everything else when it felt like the end of the world.

So a little advice, don’t stress over things too much. Let it flow. Use this time to learn something new or polish some existing skills so that when the pandemic is over, you can use that skill to regain the stability you had lost during the outbreak. Remember to eat healthily, rest plenty and meditate. Everything will be alright.