Using The Time In Quarantine To Focus On Self Discovery

The people of the Earth after experiencing a sudden fright from an outbreak have taken on a decision to undergo quarantine. Forced by the governments and the intentions of self-protection; Humans are in a state of extreme social distancing.

To most, social distancing can be quite stressful and frightening. The feelings heightened by everyday panic-provoking news, false self-made statements from the people and the internet. Left unguided, a person can easily drift into the nothingness of hopelessness. Something that is becoming more and more common as the days progress.

Isolation from the world can be an amazing time to discover oneself. Mentally, spiritually and perhaps, physically. So in the context of the former sentence on people drifting towards hopelessness… who are we as humans? Are we that incompetent? Do we possess weak mental health? Is it a fact that we, the intelligent creatures, have no self-control?

Part of that is true, part not. Pushing the answer to one side is your duty. Where do you stand? And where do you want to be?


There is no denying that. True that it’s a very challenging thing to do. Us humans are called social animals. That is for a reason. The reason being we are born to talk and share. Share our thoughts, views, and ideas to those around us.

The ones who are living alone in isolation know the challenge very well. The fact that you can’t talk to someone, in person, is very staggering. True that we have phones and Skype and zoom. But these apps can never replace the experience of in-person communication.

Where the challenge imposed is a great one. The results can be astonishing too. On self-analysis, you can discover how mentally strong you are? You can discover your ways of facing a challenge. Or perhaps on the dark side, you might discover that you are not fit for challenges yet.

Waking up to the same roof every day. Walking around the same walls all day. Seeing the same scene out of the window every single day. A gloomy environment with lurking shades of grey even when the sun’s shining hard.  It’s mentally tiring. And there is no denying it.

So if you’re some of those people who find it hard to stay optimistic during the quarantine. Keep reading for discovering some of our favorite ways of making things feel more positive.


Think of it this way. You are isolated from the world. You are alone in your house. The only thing accompanying you is your creativity. Your mind and your thoughts. Now it all depends on you how to use that mind and put that creativity into some action.

An easy way of boosting optimism and creativity is Meditation. The ancient monks knew this very well.

A good way of meditation is focusing on something in front of you. Preferably something with a connection to old traditions. A candle or small plant will do just fine.

Light a candle, preferably a scented one and put it on the floor. Sit comfortably in front of it. It’s good to have a cross leg stance. But it’s okay if that’s not something comfortable for you. The main goal here is to initiate deep relaxation.

Now focus on the candle. See how it’s flame dances and flickers. See how it struggles to stay alive. Notice the intricate movements of the flame. Once you burn the image at the back of your head. Close your eyes and take deep breaths with at least 5 seconds break between inspiration and expiration.

Continue doing this. After about 3 – 4 minutes of doing it right. You will feel your muscles relaxed. Your breaths on a naturally slow rhythm and your thoughts clearing up.

Now explore your brain. See what disturbs you and try to figure out why it does so. Most of the time you’ll probably find that it’s just your interpretation of the scenario that is disturbing your thoughts. Once you know that it’s only your perception of reality. You’re ready to move on towards a more optimistic approach towards things.

Next, find what you like deep inside you. What brings you joy and good memories? What makes you happy? It’s variable for everyone. For some it’s cooking and baking while for others it’s gardening and exercise. Writing, reading, observing sunsets, hearing birds sing and painting… these and many more are all different things. Once you know what you enjoy doing. Start doing it during quarantine most often. It will create a lighter environment for you to breathe in.

And that’s it. In conclusion, it’s only your perception that matters. On your way of looking at things. We live in a 3-dimensional world and hence there are at least three different ways of looking at something. It all depends on you. You and you alone will choose how one thing is going to affect you.

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