Staying productive during Quarantine

We have stepped into a whole new world where meeting your grandparents is a soulless act and the Great Wall of China’s is no longer a trademark. The days of humans crawling the city streets and the sound of rumbling malls filling the air do not seem to be approaching soon enough.

Things happened around the world and now people are limited to their homes. A vocation but not a vocation. Phones can be a big distraction during isolation especially when social media bursts with a million new posts and updated stories daily. But a time spent laying around on the couch staring at a screen is time wasted, which you could’ve achieved bringing major changes to your lifestyle.

Just like a butterfly in her cocoon, you are too in isolation from the world. The isolation must guide one to develop one’s wings so that when the sun shines again, we are ready to flap them even stronger. Flap them more beautifully because that is what the world expects us to do. Not to get out of the home, a month after staying inside, with zero changes in personality.

Wake up early:

He who wakes before the break of dawn remains awake throughout the day. Besides medical benefits it brings to one’s body like boosting metabolism and fresh-looking skin, waking up early is thought to have major impacts on the thinking pattern of a person.

Early birds tend to have a more optimistic idea about life than the night owls. Research shows that brain activity is remarkably high when a person wakes before the dawn breaks or some time after the break of dawn. Also is the fact that early breakfast is more likely to bring you more benefits than breakfast at 10 in the morning

An important aspect of people who tend to be productive is that almost all of them are early birds. Waking up early allows you to thoroughly plan out your day, pray, breathe in the fresh air and start learning something new.

Imagine the birds chirping. Trees swaying in the wind and light breeze brushing your skin. Imagine doing something useful, something productive when the windows to your room are open and the cool wind makes its way through your curtains. Imagine the amazing results and boosted energy.

Waking up early is the answer to the first step in productivity.

Maintain a schedule

Maintaining a schedule and following a plan is very crucial in making the most out of your day. Once you are awake early, you must plan your day and once you do that, you must stick to it.

Take an example of big companies in big cities like Paris, London, New York and Dubai. The companies need not be fancy actually, small businesses like maintenance services even need to follow a plan to get their steps going up the ladder of success. If companies, for instance, maintenance services in Dubai, Paris, London, etc do not follow a plan and respect their schedule, they fail to grow.

The same case applies to individual beings. You have to make a plan; daily, weekly or even monthly and respect it. That way you are bound to do something and if you don’t do it by the end of the day, you’d feel slight guilt about it at the end of the day. To prevent yourself from feeling guilt again, you would try not to leave your tasks unfinished.

Making a plan also helps in getting our concentrations diverted from less productive activities like Movies, phones, and Instagram, etc. Although they must be a part of your day to day activities, you mustn’t use them for prolonged periods of time. you’ll simply drown into them and start feeling lazy.


Most of the cities are in a lockdown thanks to coronavirus. A locked-down city also means no gym for a while. But the lack of a gym must not motivate you to stay in your room all day long and gain some nasty fats.

What if the isolation prolongs for quite some time and that attractive summer-body you’ve been working on since winters just lose its shape? That’s a heartbreaking story indeed.

Doing some small exercise every day is good, not just for your body but health too. Don’t have the required gear? Just head to the garage and see what you can work with. Creativity is all you need.

Exercise also helps with waking up early. For starters who wake up early, they are okay for the first few days. The drained-of-energy feeling in the middle of the day kicks in soon after some initial days. While most people beg to caffeine to grant them the energy, it’s not the best idea. Sure you can compromise for a busy day ahead with loads of work. But for someone who is in isolation, he shouldn’t even look the bottle of coffee. Especially with a whole day free ahead every day. 

The feeling of drained energy can easily be warded off with some exercise. Try not to consume caffeine during the quarantine. Your body might not need it as much as you do. It would also help your body get rid of all the caffeine you’ve been consuming all year long. So it’s better to train it to be healthier and a better version of itself while you practice social distancing.


Most of us cherish the word vocations for quarantine. this isolation can be a chance to work on yourself. Since there is not much of a workload these days, one can easily concentrate on self-improvement. Learn to play guitar, learn a new language, maybe another skill you’ve been wanting to learn for some time now? The opportunities of self-improvement are endless and waiting for he who would run and grab them