Skin Infections and Its Types

In certain situations your skin gets infected itself and it usually occurs when a foreign body enters your skin. Those infections range from severe to mild. Mild infections are treatable and they can be cured with the help of medications and by following steps of cleanliness. Skin infections have an ability that they can transfer from one individual to another because of the transfer of germs and other infectious agents. It is the covering and due to this close contact and by using someone else towel or any other stuff they apply on skin can be route of spread for skin infections.

Skin infections like all other infections are caused by germs and contagious agents. People who pay less attention towards hygiene are more likely to develop skin infections. Their carelessness and habit of keeping themselves surrounded by germs is one of the biggest reasons behind their illness. Keeping yourself clean and healthy and your places of visit like homes, offices, hospitals free germs helps in the preventing the spread of infections. Impact 410 disinfectant sprayer is used for this purpose to keep your homes and hospitals clean and out of range of infectious agents. These sprayers are very useful and are available at all titan parts.

There are four different types of skin infections and they are

Bacterial skin infection

These infections are caused by some particular bacteria’s and they begin with a small red bump on the site of infection. Those bumps gradually start to grow and increase in size. Bacterial skin infections takes place when a bacteria enters your body and this possible when you have cut or scratch on skin. Only then they can enter your skin and can cause infection. They are treated with the help of antibiotics but you cannot use them on your own as the improper usage of antibiotics can cause harmful effects. You need to take the help of your doctor in that case. Some of the common bacterial skin infections are





Viral skin infection

These infections are caused by contagious viruses. They mostly attack the immune system of the body and are considered as autoimmune as they make the immune system of the body to kill its own cells. Viral skin infections are the most dangerous skin infections but they can be cured with the help of vaccines. Vaccines increase the overall immunity and prevent the skin from getting damaged by viral attack. It can occur in all age groups and its severity depends upon the overall condition of immune system of the affected individual. Some of the common viral skin infections include

Chicken pox



Molluscum contagiosum

Fungal Skin infection

These infections develop in the damp areas of body when a fungus enters your skin and causes the infection. Armpits and feet have damped areas and therefore are the most targeted areas of fungal skin infections. These skin infections are curable bit some lifestyle changes like wearing warmer clothes can increase the risk of disease because fungus growth increases in warm and moist environment. A few of the fungal skin infections are

Yeast infection

Athlete foot


Oral thrush

Nail fungus

Parasitic skin infection

These skin infections are considered as one of the dangerous skin infections because they can penetrate into blood stream and can also affect the organs. They are caused by parasites and these parasites present under your skin increase in number by can laying eggs. They are not life threatening but they can cause discomfort to another level. Those tiny insects start living under your skin and causes infection in it. Some of the common parasitic skin infections are



Cutaneous larva margins

Sign and symptoms of skin infections

Its sign and symptoms vary person to person depending upon their condition and cause of infection. Some of the common symptoms observed in almost all of the patients are






In severe cases following symptoms appear

Pus formation


Skin sloughing

Discoloration of skin


Its treatment depends upon the cause of skin infection. When it comes to viral skin infections they improve on their own. They mostly get healed within days and weeks. They get cured as soon as the virus leaves the body. While on the other hand bacterial skin infections are treated with the help of antibiotics. Antibiotics help in dealing with the bacteria that are behind the skin infection. Fungal sprays are used to treat fungal infections and for parasitic infections some medicated creams are available. They are applied at the site of infection to help you in getting rid of the infection.