Coronavirus or Global warming. Which one is more potent?

Thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic everyone has been feeling like the end of the world and a stop to the human race’s progression. As false as the statement sounds, the latter part of the statement could be true. Not for the coronavirus of course. It is just the flu after all. The word pandemic sounds frightening. In truth, when an outbreak is a classified pandemic, there is more worry about its spread than there is about its fatality rate.

Humans have come a far way. True we do not have flying cars like the people of 90s imagined we would. But we have far better technology. Drugs to cure the once incurable. And advancements people of the past hardly imagined.

All the advancements and developed technologies have come at the expense of us harming Mother Nature. The immediate result of our actions as stated by some people poetically is the wrath of Mother Nature who unleashed the deadly coronavirus unto us to avenge her loss. We don’t know about the statement which may or may not have a grain of truth in it. What we know is the nature is far more delicate and precise in her actions to unleash hell on humans on a sudden basis. And coronavirus is no hell, trust me.

Hell is far warmer and is often associated with fire and heat.

They say that slow and steady wins the race. The fast-paced activities of humans, daily, are triggering a slowly speeding slow cycle of making the earth a warmer place. Everything is good in warm; warm hellos, warm hugs, warm beaches… but not warm Earth. Warm earth is the last thing we could wish for.

Coronavirus vs Warm Earth, Comparison.

This too shall pass. The line is quite a philosophical statement. One that can be seen in action when talking about the ongoing pandemic. And one that avoids its appearance when talking about Warm Earth.

Major effects of coronavirus:

Every hundred years, a pandemic was seen successful in spreading fear over the surface of the earth. From the Black Plague to Spanish flu to coronavirus. Pandemics seem to be quite natural and periodic according to our current data. And no matter how long they last, these do end. Sooner or later. The coronavirus shall end too, sooner rather than later, hopefully.

A shallow analysis suggests that the effects of a pandemic, the coronavirus, are mostly economic, other than lives of course. lockdowns, isolations and quarantines usually follow pandemics. All these causes businesses to go down, overall affecting the economy. The world is loosing millions of dollars everyday following this outbreak. Other effects being extreme time delays and strains on mental and physical healths, excluding effects concerning individual personal lives. The point is, we have always been successful in making our way around these pandemics. Hopefully we will make our way out of this too.

Major effects of Global warming

Unlike pandemics, which have a frequency of once every 100 years (according to current data). Global warming has been rising a steep graph ever since the usage of fossil fuels started. All that damage to the ozone has caused numerous wildfires and increased exposure of humans to UV. Something far worse than a natural pandemic. The wildfires release increased amounts of CO2, a greenhouse gas, which increases the earth’s temperature. Not to mention, living beings on earth are extremely sensitive to temperature.

Although we might not see the effects of increased temperature for another year or so. The years that will follow will unleash hell in true sense.

Melting glaciers that will make the water level rise higher, engulfing countries based on islands. The developmental race among nations demanding increased usage of fossil fuels, hence making things even warmer. An increasing sense of luxury amongst people that demands fancy furniture, amidst other interests in deforestation, which calls for good quality wood, hence boosting the business in Dubai, African nations, Middle East, etc, which equals even more deforestation. All this excluding the loss of wildlife and the natural ecosystem.


Researchers have proved that the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases on earth have reached a limit that defines the irreversibility of its levels in the air. To start reversing the levels of greenhouse gases, an area of land larger than the US needs to be filled with trees. Currently impossible.

If humans do not find their way out of this slowly progressing plan of nature, programmed by the humans themselves, to make the race extinct, then coronavirus is the least of our concerns at the moment.

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