Cool Skills To Consider Learning When In Qurantine

Isolation from the world can be quite boring. Waking up to the same roof every day. Walking around the walls every day. And to top it at all off, no work or school. Which means no heavy assignments or hard studying. It’s only natural we as humans try to distract ourselves. What better way to do that than grabbing your phone, lying on the couch and scrolling.

This free time, however, can be used productively. Instead of crawling around the house lazily every day, why not learn something. Great use of time and energy at the expense of a new skill. That’s how you isolate yourself from the world.


Gardening is not just planting some seeds and watching them sprout. Or pruning some plants now and then. It’s an art in itself. It’s a way of life. A means of letting your soul drift into bliss.

Summer is just around the corner and spring dances blissfully in the air during April. Take some time to learn the art of gardening and planting. It’s a great way to feed your soul and divert your attention from the worrisome news that provokes panic. It’s one thing to be prepared but, another to panic in preparation. 

Learn about plants. How do they grow? How well does your environment handle certain plants? Learn the art of pruning. Start a bonsai. See the flowers bloom and find joy in them. Breath in the air that washes their scent. Close your eyes and feel the nature. Feel the mother earth.


Writing is an art of expression. Playing around with words and imagery. It can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. To express a generalized feeling of a population through your words. In a way no one could. That is something very joyful.

Start by writing stories. Articles. Short paragraphs… anything. Express your feelings in words by writing once in the morning and once in the night before bed. Talk to the paper about how your day went. What motivated you and what inspired you? How you maintained optimism. These are small things you could write about that will hone your skill of playing around with words.

If you got nothing to write. Close your eyes and write what you see. If you see nothing. Start by writing the first word – ‘nothing’. ‘I see nothing’. This sentence will prolong itself into a great paragraph. Promise.


Who doesn’t love the visual expression of feeling? Especially feelings during this pandemic. Feelings of fright, flight, care, loneliness, longing… thousands of feelings. All mixed up.

How about you try to put those feelings on a canvas. That would be a masterpiece. Perhaps not the first time. Or the second or third time. But surely the fourth time. Keep practicing. Because time is all you got – for now.

The great thing is. You’ll get to impress your friends and colleagues after the pandemic is over. There hasn’t been a single person on earth yet who does not praise art. Even if it’s words only.

Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be felt. You could draw your favorite singer, actor or celebrity. But again, that would be the expression of love for that particular person. But oh well, you get the gist. Art is the conveyance of a message, a particular emotion through colors. It’s the most beautiful thing on earth.


You don’t have to turn grey and old to start knitting a sweater in your chair while your grandchildren play around you. Knitting and crochet are art too. Art of creating a structure from an otherwise loose and unstructured thread.

It’s a great choice to start learning knitting and crochet. You can start on a project of warm sweaters for the winters. Or perhaps a pair of cozy socks. Or if not there’s always some cute miniature animals you can knit. Head over to Pinterest for beginner tutorials. There are some cute owls with big starry eyes. A tweety with a big head. A coffee cup. An extremely cute kitten.

Start knitting those cute miniatures and post pictures on your Instagram. It’s a skill and fame parallel. Perhaps people will start buying too. Who knows. All the fame and cash aside. Cutenesses of those miniatures are just the thing to get you started

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