Anxiety, Its Cause And Treatment

Anxiety could be a typical feeling. It’s your brain’s way of responding to push and alarming you of potential peril ahead. An individual managing with anxiety feels anxious even after taking rest or some time recently attending to bed for rest. The over the top anxiety can make you dodge work, school, family get-togethers, and other social circumstances that might trigger or decline your indications. Anxiety is the intellect response of brain and body to upsetting, unsafe, or new circumstances. It’s the sense of uneasiness, trouble, and distress towards an upcoming event. A certain level of anxiety and troublesome keeps and mindful, u alert and aware to some extent but if someone is going through this disorder over a long time it is not a normal reaction. It is completely debilitating and need medical help as early as possible. 

Anxiety is not something that would calm on its own or would go without any treatment. It requires proper treatment where a specialist is needed to empower the sufferer to live their lives regularly once more. Fortunately, there are several different medicines, so no matter what your side effects or the reasons you’re activated or indeed what sort of uneasiness clutter you have got you ought to be able to discover a few relief.   Therefore, it is so vital to talk to somebody who gets it what the following steps will be, indeed in the event that it may be a troublesome thing to do. Medications are also used for managing its symptoms and in some cases people use CBD bath bombs to get rid of anxiety as they have proved to be very useful in treating anxiety.

What is panic attack?

A panic attack is an episode of serious uneasiness that causes physical side effects which will incorporate hyperventilation, heart palpitations, sweating, sickness and chills or hot flashes. A panic attack is ordinarily caused by nonsensical fear whereas in social circumstances or a particular fear. Freeze clutter is mental ailment that causes panic assaults due to a strong and intense feeling of fear, even if there no signs of danger. 

Sign and symptoms

According to earth E CBD there are numerous distinctive signs and indications to look out for anxiety and this may make diagnosing it a small more troublesome, but a great specialist having a good  encounter in mental well being issues will be able to determine the severity. The key is to create an arrangement to you are your specialist in case you are concerned, so it is important to know and get it the side effects of anxiety. On the off chance that you are feeling you’re enduring from some or all the side effects, at that point you ought to look for offer assistance right away.  Although there are different sign and symptoms for anxiety here are a few of the foremost common



 Fear of public spaces and crowds

  A feeling of fear or deep anxiety that never goes away

  • Irrational fears
  • Nausea
  • Panic attacks
  • Rapid heartbeat

These sign and symptoms can vary from person to person depending upon their causes and physical condition.

Causes of anxiety

There are number of reasons that can cause anxiety a few of the most common causes are

  • Comorbidity

Comorbidity is the presence of one or more extra conditions regularly co-occurring with a primary condition. Comorbidity depicts the impact of all other conditions a person is going through other than the primary condition of intrigued, they can be either physiological or mental. Within the setting of mental well being, comorbidity frequently alludes to disorders that are regularly coexistent with each other, such as sadness and other mental disorders.

  • Chronic illness

Chronic medical condition or serious illness that last long, can too increase the risk for anxiety. Even if dealing with a family member who is bed ridden or is suffering from a chronic illness can also symptoms of anxiety. In this case hopelessness and constant felling of distress leads to anxiety. 

  • Genetic factors

Genetic risk factors have been reported for all anxiety disorders. Clinical genetic states that having a history of anxiety in family individuals or close relatives can increase its risk. For the foremost part, the variations that have been related with chance for anxiety are found inside qualities that are basic for the expression and direction of neurotransmitter frameworks or stress hormones.

  • Use of alcohol and drugs

Frequent use of alcohol can increase the chance of anxiety. It slows down the working of brain and makes it difficult for an individual to live a healthy life. Prolonged intake of alcohol causes an imbalance of chemical substances present in brain and this imbalance leads to anxiety and its symptoms. Same is the case with certain drugs used in the form of medicines. Not all medicines come with benefits only. Most of them have some serious side effects and anxiety is one of them, use of certain medications that can cause uneasiness or chemical imbalance in brain leads to anxiety but if they are used over a long period of time.

  • Environmental factors

An environment full of stress and abuses can cause anxiety. Any abuse in early age or any stressful event at any stage of life can disturb the working of brain. And in that case it is clear that any mental trauma can result into anxiety.


There many different ways by which anxiety can be treated and its symptoms can be managed. They include both medications and counseling therapies.


Mostly antidepressants are used for treating it as they are good in maintaining the chemical imbalance. Those antidepressants include

Beta blockers





Psychotherapy and counseling is the best way of treating anxiety because it has no side effects. It helps you in understanding your emotions and behavior and also gives a mental peace. Talking to someone and sharing your problems solves half of the problem and a psychologist can do it in a better way as he or she understands the complications and ways of solving those complications.