3 Things You Can Do During Isolation

They say that isolation from the world can be a magnificent experience. A chance to discover oneself. An opportunity to explore thy soul. A hint of enlightenment in one’s own company.

But perhaps this isolation of 2020 is turning out to take longer and longer roads. Turns out, we are discovering one thing for sure; we don’t admire isolation. There’s a limit to everything beyond which a thing loses its value. In this case, that thing is Saturdays.

It’s boring. Sitting at home all day long. One can only see so much of the interiors of his house. True that there are online classes, etc, but it’s still boring. That’s a fact. Hence here at The Odyssey blog, read something you could do to kill some time.


A healthy body reflects a healthy mind. It’s a fact people are spending most of their time online. Lying on the couch and watching some Netflix with a bag of corn on your lap. At other times you’re just scrolling through Instagram. Perhaps even sending stories on Snapchat describing how bored you are.

With this attitude intact, you will gain weight in no time. By the time the isolation’s over, you’ll probably have a hard time getting out through the front door.

Exercise. Make a habit of it. It will keep you metabolically active. Even 20 minutes per day is enough. Although, Not appreciated but it’s enough. Exercising will keep balanced blood flow to all parts of your body and gives you a general feeling of wellness. Something that is lacking in people during these hard times.


With the exercise of the body comes the exercise of the mind. Of course you can’t stretch your brain unless metaphorically, to exercise. One thing you can do is read a book and play some mind games daily.

It might not look like the greatest thing to do ever, but it can bring noticeable changes. Reading a book can divert your attention from the everyday tension-provoking news. Listening to which, by the way, stress you mentally. That won’t expose you to Coronavirus true, but we can’t say anything about mental health afterward.

Reading a book and playing small mind games will keep your brain healthy. Amongst all the unhealthy activities you expose it to every day, like stating for hours on Instagram and Netflix, this is the least you could do to your brain.

Mind games are good to keep your thoughts in control. It helps you control your thoughts from making your brain going to stress mode. The stress of coronavirus overtaking the world. Which is false by the way. Because it won’t.

Also, it might be a great time to read those pending books on the to-read list. Who knows what work stress awaits us after this pandemic. One thing is for sure, we won’t be getting much rest time. We will have to do extra work hours to make up for all the hours we are wasting in quarantine. Think again, will you have some extra time to read some classics after the pandemic is over? Considering all the workload that awaits us all. Staring at us with its red, beady, shiny eyes. Smirking evilly.


What better time to get yourself enrolled in an online class during a quarantine. Dozens of platforms teach hundreds of skills. Sure you’ll have to spend some pennies but it will be worth it. How about learning that drawing skill you’ve been wanting to learn for a long time?

Instead of wasting all the time doing nothing, or at least nothing useful, you should get yourself enrolled. Online classes offer a very flexible schedule. You wouldn’t even need more than an hour daily to complete it in a month.

How about getting an online class in biology or medicine? Something related to viruses? So you get a better understanding of how the viruses work and maybe try to have a better understanding of coronavirus than the general masses. The sky is the limit. And you’re just one click away from opening your wings. 

It can also be a great way to impress your friends. You’ll have something new to show when you all meet up after the great isolation.


Why waste your time on social media or TV when you can be productive. If you can’t figure out what other productive things you can do besides the ones mentioned above. Look out the window. Summer is just around the corner. Go to your garden and plant something. Look after it and see it grow.

Speaking of summer, since the Gyms are closed, you wouldn’t want to come out in really bad shape out of your house.

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