Top 9 Online Services In Pakistan

A lot of us took the route of Online services in Pakistan after the pandemic hit us. Some were offering online services, while someone utilizing these online services to set something up etc. In 2020 we saw that even booksellers from Urdu bazaar got on these online social platforms to sell their products.

The internet helped a lot of people survive this pandemic. While many were laid off from their job or were facing some sort of economic crisis, others took their skills and went to the internet to sell it to make the best of it. A lot of high-profile businesses went to rags, others made riches from the internet as well.

Other than necessities, a lot of individuals are opting to quit their 9 to 5 jobs to get on the bandwagon of freelancing their skills out in which they offer online services to the targeted market. The main benefit of having an online service business is being your boss and having a flexible schedule to work with. However the hard work triples.

In this article, we outline the top ten online services trending in Pakistan today.

  1. Selling Products Online: If you are good at networking online, you might be able to sell products online. A lot of companies hire online salespeople to sell their products. For example Oriflame, Bodyshop is officially hiring individuals to sell their products online in their respective regions.

    You can sell cell phones, laptops, clothes, etc anything online. Today a lot of people are taking on dropshipping and making a lot of money. You got to be good at selling, that’s the only secret to success in selling online.
  2. Selling Services Online: Another option is to give classes online. For example, Udemy is offering online classes to teach people skills. These classes are given concerning teaching cartooning, illustrations, adobe courses, accounting courses, etc. The list is endless. A lot of our Generation Z is multitasking and trying to learn different skill sets to professionally groom themselves in every platform.

    You can offer music lessons, knitting lessons, art lessons, etc. Every single thing can be easily sold online. Ebooks are launched as well and very much in fashion among our digital aged kids. A lot of material and searches are being done online to look for relevant and valid content.

    These online services in Pakistan are sold on various platforms, such as Facebook, youtube, zoom, private social media sites, etc.
  3. Digital Marketing: Digital marketers are the most sought for professionals in the year 2020. This is another thing in which you can offer your services online. While selling products and services online requires a lot of work and course planning etc, digital marketing refers to marketing someone else product or service online or offline.

    This is a skill that now you can make a business out of it. It is a high paying job with lots of marketing plans and analytics involved. Your goal as a marketer is to make the product reach the target market.

These services include drafting letters, making marketing strategies, websites, email marketing, blogs, influencer marketing, making audio and visual content for your marketing campaign, etc. The goal here is to get as many clients as you can get through your marketing campaign.

  1. Affiliate Marketing: This is a sub-category of marketing, where you take on someone else products and market it using different techniques and strategies. The earnings are based on the commission on each product you sell. This service requires a lot of effort but if the commission is good, it pays you off well.
  2. Life Coaching/Therapists consulting: A lot of certified life coaching consultants and therapists are offering their sessions online. In Pakistan, a lot of people because of the convenience of online consultancy are reaching out for therapies and consults. Especially with suicide cases and career advice, a lot of individuals are taking the online services of consultancy firms and online psychiatric sessions as well.
  3. Graphic Designing: Graphic design involves services like logo designing, photo and video content designing, brochures, business cards, ads, etc. Graphic designers freelance on a lot of sites and earn a lot of money based on their experience and skill set.
  4. Website Creation and Management: If you know how to build a website, you are a money-making machine. A lot of businesses are taking their stores online and looking for website services, be it making a new one from scratch or maintaining or redesigning the layout of an already existing website.
  5. Virtual Assistant: This is a service that is very much in demand in this online digital world.
  6. Software Developer: If you know how to build software, you can work with your clients and make the right software for them for their business.

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