Quotes from the Office That We All Relate To

There always some movies, dramas, or stories that we somehow relate to and feel like they are written in our lives.

We have all been there where it seems that some dialogue from the movies is exactly what you feel about your life.

There are also different articles written in different magazines like the odyssey online that tell us how everything is however related to one another.

In this article, we will discuss one of those movies that have so many dialogues that are relatable and we will tell you why.

Sometimes I Will Start A Sentence And I Don’t Even Know Where It Is Going:

The first dialogue that I would really like to mention as a writer is this one where the actor says that sometimes he has no idea where the sentence is going but we keep writing. All the writers will relate to it. No?

It happens when you are writing something and there are a lot of other things that are going on in your mind and you do not really know what you are writing or what is the sentence exactly about.

Other times it happens like when the writer or anybody who likes writing, in general, is trying to write something, but they do not have any idea what they are writing but they keep doing it and pray that it makes sense in the end.

So, yes. We would really like to acknowledge the fact that there are times when we are really busy thinking so many different things at a time and we keep writing but do not have any idea where it is heading.

If I Don’t Have Some Cake Soon I Might Die:

Well, does this dialogue needs an explanation even? Or do we need to tell why we think that it is one of the most relatable quotes from the office?

There is so much truth in this sentence especially for people like me who are big-time foodies and feel like they will die if they do not get something in their stomach soon?

It happens to almost every person who is a sweet tooth or maybe just alive, who knows? We all go through these days in our lives where we feel like if we will not get some sugar inside our body we might just pass out?

One of the characters from The office while attending a birthday party uttered this dialogue where he just really needed to eat the cake and mentioned this and oh, is there anything more relatable?

There are birthday parties where we all feel the same at some point and we do feel like we will die if we do not get a piece of cake, so where is the character even wrong?

We all go through this pretty patty phase where all that we want is food and that is it.

I Am Running Away From My Responsibilities And It Feels Good:

One other dialogue that we would really like to mention in this article where we are talking about the dialogues from the office is when the character said that he is running away from his responsibilities and it feels good.

Let’s just be honest and ask ourselves that do not we feel like that too sometimes? There are days in everybody’s life where they just do not want to do anything and start to get comfortable in it. Right?

We all have been through those phases of life where we are struggling to even move from the bed and do not have the energy to do anything and we end up doing nothing and still feel good?

It happens to all of us because we all have the right to just get tired and not do anything and do not feel bad about it because we are all human, after all, right?

So, yeah. This is definitely one of those dialogues that we feel like we relate to a little too much and we are not even guilty about filling this way. Are you?

We do not usually take the movies seriously and we watch them just for fun but there is a truth in this that at some point in our lives we find something that it feels like the characters are talking about us only.

These movies are mostly based on what people generally go through in their lives and that is why we feel somehow, we are being explained in the movie.

The office is also one of those movies that have so many dialogues that we can relate to in our everyday life and we feel like it could not have been more accurate. We relate to it like no other movie.