Freelancing In Pakistan


Freelancing is all the rage in the year 2020. To top it off, the Corona pandemic has made freelancing a source of living for many who were laid off or who probably didn’t earn enough. It a tough time, that the entire world is going through and like it or not, the competition during this time in freelancing has increased twice.

The stance of our Government and Private sector to the freelancing Industry:

It is not just today that freelancing is all over, but We can say for sure that by the year 2015 the freelancing industry was growing rapidly and is continuing to do so. In recent years our government recognized that this growing industry showed a lot of potential for youngsters and therefore decided to take steps and invest in this sector.

The government of Pakistan invested in various programs called ‘Digiskills’ and ‘erozgar’. These countrywide programs were aimed to train the freelancers in Pakistan and make it easy for them to earn a livelihood. Even today, on private platforms a lot of programs such as ‘Neela jaadu’ by the Ashraf Chaudhary group of freelancers are launched to facilitate and train freelancers on a wider scale.

As far as the private sector is concerned, it didn’t stay behind on the freelancing trend and invested equally to utilize the skills of a freelancer to benefit themselves as well as the individual. A lot of private firms on small and big corporate levels created a job market for freelancers.

Firms like Creative nigari on a small level give many opportunities to freelancers. On the other hand firms like Axact working at a corporate level have also given a boom to the freelancing industry. Other than that freelancers outsource their project thereby creating a vast platform of opportunities.

Does the Freelancing Industry Have a Future?

To answer this question simply, Yes! Freelancing has a bright future in Pakistan. The industry has shown so much potential that it would be harmful to the economy if the opportunity is not recognized or pursued here. The following are a few factors that might help you recognize why freelancing has a future?

  1. The freelancers are earning in dollars and many other foreign currencies, increasing the export earnings of our country. The freelancers of Pakistan are giving competition in the global market and showcasing their skill sets and talents. The maximum earning report by a freelancer was as high as pkr 500,000. The industry is only going to benefit the Pakistan economy by reducing mass unemployment and creating opportunities etc.
  2. The rate of unemployment is reduced due to this industry and the people of Pakistan have become more productive. How? Many opportunities have been created for an individual e.g. students who want to do part-time jobs at flexible hours, housewives who want the option of working from home, mothers of young kids, etc.

    Therefore freelancing has made the individuals active and productive for the economy by providing them with flexible working conditions.
  3. Due to the outsourcing of projects, short or long-term, by different corporations, they have created a vast job market for freelancers. Freelancers are providing their expertise to many firms on different functions.
  4. Many entrepreneurs or small startups are availing the skill sets and expertise of freelancers as well. So in short, freelancers have made it easy for individuals to approach them for making a business plan, or tax preparations, etc.
  5. The freelancers themselves have the opportunities to become entrepreneurs and outsource their projects to many other freelancers.

We can say without a doubt that freelancing has contributed a lot to the economy of the country and further has a lot of potentials to further put the citizen of Pakistan towards a productive source of earning.


Freelancing essentially works through websites. The sites connect the freelancers to various offerings posted by companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, etc. The competition though is a lot on such sites to global access. The process of biddings and gigs is a lot complicated if you are new to the industry. But once you have a portfolio set up to showcase your skill set, it becomes easier.

To make freelancing a productive career for yourself, will take time and patience. It is not that easy with the kind of competition out there.

Pakistan’s freelancing industry started taking progressive steps a decade ago. When the internet and broadband reach became accessible. Today however Freelancing is very popular. Not everyone makes it through though.

If you are interested in freelancing, please go through our article, ‘freelancing; is it better than a 9 -5 job?’ The article will give you the basics of freelancing and a bit of a guideline to know as to what you need to know and how to get your feet in the industry.

Here is a list of few websites you should be on if you are just starting freelancing;

      1. com:

This is the most used platform by Pakistanis who are just starting freelancing. It is good to build a portfolio here as this might help you build a base.

      2. GURU:

After, the guru is the next most popular website that can land your projects.

     3. FIVERR:

Fiverr is currently very popular among Pakistani freelancers. It takes time in Fiverr but if you are up for gigs, you will do fairly well. The rates and experience matter on this platform. How it works is you make a profile, upload your gigs, get good ratings, and there you go. You are all set. Takes time though on Fiverr as the clients will approach you themselves. You have to give it time if you are a newcomer to Fiverr.

      4. UPWORK:

Upwork is a bit tough. Profile approval is hard. But once you get on it and score a few projects, the ride is smooth.

      5. Peopleperhour:

This is a website that connects an individual to different projects. It is not as overcrowded as the other sites, so you might have a better chance of building a portfolio here.

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