Be Car AC Specialists and Service Your AC By Yourself

It’s almost barbarous to even think of traveling in your car without an AC on a hot day. With the wear and tear that your vehicle goes through every day, it is common to see problems in the AC. While most of us end up spending a lot of money on fixing it, there is something simpler you can do. You can fix it with some basic automotive AC repair at home, saving yourself the expense of going to car AC specialists in Dubai. Well, this is not too much costly if you succeed to find out a good reliable car garage in Dubai. The hack is simple to carry out, whether you own a Lamborghini or Hummer. You can follow the steps and service or little repair will be done by yourself so you don’t have to run for car AC specialists etc. 

Check the Air Flow:

As you start the vehicle and turn the AC to the highest level, determine how warm the air is. It could even be cool but not as cold as it should be. In this case, the issue may lie in airflow. It can be normalized by replacing the cabin air filter of your vehicle and will save a lot of money from expensive car AC garages and car AC specialists. It’s not a big tricky measure the performance of Air Flow – Still, you need some basic knowledge to calculate whether the airflow is an inaccurate working condition or not.

Check Electrical Issues by Yourself:

Check to see whether the cooling fans are working fine. If not, then it may be an electrical issue. Check the AC compressor too. This is done to determine what repairs it requires. Check in the engine bay and observe if the middle of the pulley is exiting along with the rest of the pulley. What happens when a clutch is busy or engaged in its work? If their middle doesn’t turn, the AC compressor could be shattered or worn out. You can solve this issue by yourself either through replacement or by filling the refrigerant and if you think you cannot do it yourself then don’t experience it because now you have to move on to car AC specialists. You might need some tools to open or fix this issue. It’s been sincere advice that you need to keep your personal toolkit, so you can fix any problem or check any issue by yourself. There are many companies and car garages in Dubai, offering free inspection through a computerized system. You may also visit there and get inspected. Quick-Fit Auto Center is a leading dealer alternative car garage where you find the perfect place to get your car AC repaired.

Search for Other Issues:

Most compressors are attached to the clutch with a wire. Search for the connector and unplug. Inspect it for current with your battery. If there is no current, then you have to replace it. That will need some specialized service from car AC specialists.

If that is working well and you don’t find any issue there, go and check for leaks. You can do it by yourself with leak detection kits. The process is done fast, much easier, and is explained on the kit packaging. If you examine and face leaks, take one of these important maintenance tips that your vehicle will require professional Car AC Repair Dubai.

Prepare the Refrigerants:

Refrigerants are the basic parts of AC. You have to buy the right refrigerant for your car. Sometimes, you might need to visit the service advisors or the company dealing with car AC. But, if you are stick to doing it yourself, then it’s a good approach.

Handle the Port:

This is quite a tricky process and needs some precision. Just take off the cap, clean the port, the line as well as the cap with a rag. Sponge with brake cleaner if important. You can use any other medium to clean it, but brake cleaner is recommended. Now affix a charging hose to the port with the other part of the hose attached to the refrigerant can nozzle. If the kit has a measuring meter, first connect it to the measuring meter, then to the nozzle. Keep it long adequate so that the can stay outside the engine bay. Keep perceiving the ambient pressure all through.

Fill the Refrigerant:

Turn on the valve until it opens the seal. The refrigerant will be permitted to leave as soon as the seal breaks. Keep possessions the can upright as the refrigerant passes through. Keep a check on the ambient pressure as the measuring meter, indicates it. Keep filling till the pressure on the measuring meter is full. If there are any leaks on the line, you will be able to patch them easily. If that is the case, you will require taking your vehicle to the mechanic. If not, simply abutting the cap when the refrigerant is filled. Your vehicle AC is back with perfect cooling.


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